Keith Rankin Chart Analysis – Covid-19: Cases in the Week to 4 November

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Analysis by Keith Rankin.

Europe including Eastern Europe and French Polynesia. Chart by Keith Rankin.

This week’s first chart shows the resurgence of Covid19 in Europe, with Eastern Europe now much more prominent than before. The only countries in the Americas to appear in this chart are the Martinique (French Caribbean), United States and Argentina. There are no countries showing from Asia (excl. the Middle East and the Caucasus) or Africa.

For us in New Zealand, the alarming presence is that of French Polynesia. 7,200 weekly cases per million people would be equivalent to 36,000 weekly cases in New Zealand, or over two million weekly cases in the United States.

Much vaunted Germany appears on the chart. Its 1,400 weekly cases per million would be equivalent to 7,000 weekly cases in New Zealand.

Deaths follow cases; Czechia leads the Eastern European wave. Chart by Keith Rankin.

Czechia (the Czech Republic) has 136 Covid19 deaths per million over the week to 4 November, equivalent to 680 deaths in New Zealand in just one week, or 45,000 deaths in the United States in just one week. The United States doesn’t make the deaths’ chart this time, but is not far off. And with nearly 210,000 new cases in the last two days, United States deaths will surely return to this chart next time I publish it.

French Polynesia will also be more prominent, next time, in the deaths chart.

The former Yugoslavia countries are also very prominent, with Slovenia – the most prosperous and westernised of these now leading the way.

The only African country in this chart is Tunisia, reflecting the consequences of European tourism, especially in the autumn months when tourist centres further north become colder.



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