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As drivers and pedestrians continued on their daily business yesterday afternoon in Papua New Guinea’s capital city Port Moresby, a cry went out as someone yelled “fire”.

Located along Gabaka Street, Gordons, and within a compound that houses L and G Trading Limited Hardware Store and Bola Motors, a fire erupted from one of the warehouses.

Bystanders risked their lives to get to the location of the fire quickly.

The black smoke drew the eye of drivers as traffic crawled to a stop for people to catch a glimpse of the fire.

Oil trickled down onto the ground and the fire rapidly spread.

As the smoke continued, the fire trucks arrived and the firefighters not only battled to stop the blaze but also to stop the oil from spreading.

The fire was controlled by the firefighters with St John Ambulance arriving to provide first aid to anyone who had come in contact with the burning building and smoke.

Police were also at the scene providing traffic control.

Republished with permission.

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