Video: Selwyn Manning talks with Barbara Sumner about her new book and why adoption laws must change

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Video we cross LIVE to author and film-maker Barbara Sumner to discuss her new book Tree of Strangers.

But first, in this book, Barbara has laid bare her own life experiences to illustrate why New Zealand’s 65 year-old adoption laws must be fixed.

It’s a beautifully written story of a child’s journey through the early years to motherhood, to adulthood. It reveals how Barbara was always aware that her identity was denied her, of how she tried to answer the unanswered questions of who she was, who she is. It’s sometimes sad, it’s wonderful, it’s often tragic, it’s intimate, it is brave. And, this book has a purpose. Legislative reform.

So join us at 8pm tonight (Wednesday September 23) to hear from Barbara about this most important work – about her commitment to make sure any new laws on adoption place children and adults (who were adopted) at the forefront of positive change.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: You can buy Barbara Sumner’s book Tree of Strangers via her website (both hard copy and digital).

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