PODCAST: After two decades of unnecessary conflict Should US security partners question this Coalition of the Willing

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A View from Afar
A View from Afar
PODCAST: After two decades of unnecessary conflict Should US security partners question this Coalition of the Willing

A View from Afar – In this week’s podcast, Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning discuss: With the United States being viewed as responsible for a monumental botch-up in Afghanistan, how should its traditional security partners, including NATO and Australia, regard US-leadership in conflict? And, how should US allies position their own national interest in the future?

  • For example; why should the United States of America’s global security partners, in both northern and southern hemispheres, view the USA as a reliable security leader?

When we consider the United States-led conflicts in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, there is a pattern that stands out: these are all wars of opportunity or choice, rather than necessity.

In analysing this, it follows that lessons learnt by NATO and other global security partners may very well be to not follow the USA into such conflicts if existential threats do not exist.

Also of consideration is this:

  • Are the United States’ failures tied solely to incompetent leadership?
  • Or is this clearly apparent incompetence caused by those within the star-general-ranks of occupational forces command?
  • Or is this problem institutionalised within a morphed alliance-of-incompetence from a broad-base of institutions located within the United States security-defence apparatus?

Now, the United States is shifting its global defence strategy to counter the rise of China in the Western Pacific and Indo-Pacific regions.

  • Should the states and economies of the Asia Pacific fall in behind the USA once again and risk being drawn into another unnecessary and protracted war?
  • And considering the United States’ domestic situation being insecure and democratically chaotic, should the USA lead from the rear but only after it gets its own house in order?


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