LIVE: Paul Buchanan + Selwyn Manning on US Elections

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Hi I’m Selwyn Manning and you are watching A View from Afar. As always, we are joined by political scientist and former Pentagon analyst… Paul Buchanan… and this week we will discuss:

  • How voting counting continues in the United States with it being so very close but nudging favourably for Democrat candidate, Joe Biden.
  • But incumbent, US President Donald Trump, has already claimed victory; that the reason why he trails in the electoral college vote is due to voter fraud; that he will ‘not allow them to steal this election’; that he will take this to the US Supreme Court.
  • Overnight, Trump has filed a law suit to stop vote counting in Michigan.
  • Meanwhile, the vote counting of votes continues. The totals in key tipping states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania should be more clear by Friday, US time (that’s Saturday here in New Zealand).

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So let’s cross to Paul who is waiting online, and unpick the complexity of this election outcome….



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