New Zealand Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand.
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Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

Today’s content

Wealth tax
Daniel Dunkley (Stuff): Tax the wealthy? I don’t think so
Heather Du Plessis-Allan (Newstalk ZB): National’s ‘wealth tax’ assault isn’t working
Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): Jacinda Ardern’s absurd day in Christchurch, still battling the wealth tax
Simon Wilson (Herald): Election diary: The real impact of that wealth tax (paywalled)
Newshub: Revealed: How your wealth ranks compared to other New Zealanders
Newstalk ZB: Economist says Green Party wealth tax could impact 20 per cent of population
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Wealth-tax attack could well persuade some
Niki Harré and Philip McKibbin (Newsroom): A world without tax, a world without sharing
Jenna Lynch (Newshub): Grant Robertson casts National as chaotic in TV ad as Jacinda Ardern kills off prospect of wealth tax
Derek Cheng (Herald): No wealth tax under PM Jacinda Ardern as parties brace for hectic finish
Zane Small (Newshub): Judith Collins describes Greens as ‘unemployable’, prospect of Deputy PM Marama Davidson ‘concerning’
RNZ: Judith Collins says Greens ‘unemployable’ in latest wealth tax attack
Anna Whyte (1News): James Shaw says National ‘scrambling to attack us’, after Collins calls Greens ‘unemployable’
Zane Small (Newshub): National unveils document warning elderly how wealth tax could hit them
Amelia Wade (Herald): Judith Collins accuses Jacinda Ardern of ‘name-calling’ after being called ‘desperate’
Zane Small (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern rubbishes ‘desperate’ wealth tax attacks: ‘I won’t allow it to happen as Prime Minister’
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Collins says Greens may force wealth tax as part of coalition agreement

Eleisha Foon (RNZ): Obesity not ‘just a personal responsibility issue’, experts say
Anna Rawhiti-Connell (RNZ): Collins pandering to food industry lobby with obesity remarks
Mason Ngawhika (Spinoff): Obesity and personal choice: A response to Judith Collins
Stuff Editorial: Collins has simplistic answers for a complex problem
John Minto (Daily Blog): Personal responsibility? Let’s have more of it Judith!
Dan Satherley and Lydia Lewis (Newshub): Judith Collins doubles down on obesity comments, targets time-poor parents
1News: Tax on sugary foods no ‘magic cure’ for obesity, Judith Collins says
1News: Obesity ‘more complex’ than personal choice – Mark Mitchell backs away from Collins’ remarks
Crystal Wu (Newshub): NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins says she blames herself for being overweight
Newstalk ZB: Gerry Brownlee on Judith Collins’ obesity comments
Vita Molyneux (Newshub): Mark Mitchell distances himself from Judith Collins’ obesity comments, Gerry Brownlee says his weight is his responsibility
Claire Trevett (Herald): Jacinda Ardern wades in on Judith Collins’ obesity comments
RNZ: Obesity remarks show ‘different direction’ for National – Ardern
Hannah Kronast (Newshub): NZ Election 2020: Jacinda Ardern says obesity ‘not as simplistic’ as Judith Collins suggests
Crystal Wu (Newshub): Fruit and veg advocate backs Judith Collins’ message on obesity being a ‘personal choice’
AAP (Guardian): New Zealand National party leader Judith Collins calls obesity a ‘personal choice’

1News: Ardern, Collins to face off in TVNZ final leaders’ debate tonight
Richard Harman (Politik): Labour and who?
Derek Cheng (Herald): Who should be Deputy PM? Voters give their verdict in new poll (paywalled)
Brittney Deguara (Stuff): When will we know the results from the cannabis and euthanasia referendums?
Julie Iles (NBR): Big party donations half what they were last election (paywalled)
Peter Wilson (RN): Week in Politics: Polls point to a four-party Parliament
Liam Dann (Herald): Jacinda Ardern win ‘in the bag’ – global risk assessor Fitch Solutions (Paywalled)
Brian Easton (Pundit): Do Elections Deliver What We Want?
Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): Why are coalition governments so common in New Zealand?
Shane Te Pou (Newsroom): The highs and lows of an interminable campaign
Farah Hancock (Newsroom): Wealth tax ads from National in final push
Newsroom: Good day/bad day: Time for a cuppa
Māori TV: Watch now – Te reo election debate translated for viewers
No Right Turn: Where do the parties stand on open government?
1News: Housing, poverty and employment are issues that matter to South Aucklanders this election – survey
Donna Miles-Mojab (Stuff): The joy of voting in a free and fair election
Ryan Anderson (Stuff): Voting back up plan in case of Covid-19 outbreak or natural disaster
Spinoff: The popcorn seats: 21 electorates we’ll be glued to on Saturday night
Te Aniwa Hurihanganui (RNZ): What you need to know about splitting your vote in the Māori seats
Joel Maxwell (Stuff): Steam, friction and fantasy on the campaign trail in Waiariki 
Joel Maxwell (Stuff): Covering two islands, the mammoth job of running for Te Tai Tonga
Nikki Mandow (Newsroom): The most uncertain seat in the country
Felix Desmarais (RNZ): Candidates clash on colonisation at school debate

Chris Trotter (Daily Blog): Let’s Make Jacinda Break Her Promises
Shaimaa Khalil (BBC): The people left behind in Ardern’s ‘kind’ New Zealand
Josh Van Veen (Democracy Project): The Psychology of Ardernism
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): The real reason Jacinda is going to win and why she has an obligation to use that mandate
Dita De Boni (NBR): Will Labour pick up employment reform pace if elected? (paywalled)
Toby Manhire (Spinoff): Quiz: A Labour 2020 election message, or one from an old National campaign?
Martin van Beynen (Stuff): Ten questions for Jacinda Ardern in 10 minutes
Newstalk ZB: Jacinda Ardern assures immense work for farming leaders
1News: Seven Sharp’s Laura Daniel gets positive review from Jacinda Ardern for second try at a cake tribute

Jason Walls (Herald): ‘Labour cannot govern alone’ – Greens co-leader Marama Davidson
George Block (Stuff): Marama Davidson hints at ministerial role if Greens return to power
RNZ: Green Party post-election talks ‘down to voters’ – James Shaw
Jasmin Bull (Newshub): Greens say deal with Labour is the ‘only way’ to rebuild from COVID-19
Newstalk ZB: James Shaw: Greens know they won’t get everything they want
Farah Hancock (Newsroom): Greens want to make Labour bold
Anna Whyte (1News): Poetry, rap and ‘bold’ promises in Greens’ final election push
RNZ: Green Party leaders make final pitch to supporters ahead of election
RNZ: Greens push for student votes with spew of tertiary policies
Zane Small (Newshub): Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick on cancel culture and ‘left of politics’ being ‘more willing to forgive’
John Braddock (World Socialists): New Zealand Green Party postures over tax, poverty

Audrey Young (Herald): What a Judith Collins cabinet might look like (paywalled)
Gordon Campbell: On National going rogue, and US militia madness
Charlotte Graham-McLay (Guardian): Judith Collins: New Zealand’s ‘anti-Ardern’ whose hero is Thatcher
Nicholas Jones (Herald): Exclusive election poll: Judith Collins’ displays of Christian religiousness – will it woo voters? (paywalled)
Hannah Kronast (Newshub): Patrick Gower on why National should look to the centre for the win
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Judith Collins says polls are wrong and she has a path to victory
1News: Judith Collins defends senior National MPs’ campaign work – ‘Absolutely pulling their weight’
Crystal Wu (Newshub): Judith Collins outlines first thing she’d do if National’s in Government
1News: Ardern says she and Collins ‘haven’t spent enough time’ together after Collins implies she’s ‘miserable’
Amelia Wade (Herald): National unveils seniors policy just three days out from election day
RNZ: National pledges Seniors Commissioner in seniors policy
Anna Whyte (1News): National promise to keep winter energy payments, ‘enhance’ Super Gold Card
Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Mass consenting, rezoning key to fixing Hamilton’s housing crisis

NZ First
Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Winston Peters’ own staff are predicting his political demise
Tim Murphy (Newsroom): Don’t dream it’s over
Brittany Keogh (Stuff): NZ First leader Winston Peters confident of ‘surge’ of votes
RNZ: Winston Peters remains upbeat about election chances
Jason Walls (Herald): Winston Peters takes aim at MPs taking ‘perpetual selfies’ on campaign trail
Newstalk ZB: Winston Peters: ‘ We are far closer… than National or ACT will ever be’
1News: Labour would ‘look to progress’ plans halted over last three years if re-elected without NZ First

NZ First Foundation case
Matt Shand (Stuff): NZ First Foundation financials presented to Winston Peters one year before scandal broke
Anneke Smith (RNZ): Urgent appeal in New Zealand First Foundation donations case dismissed
Catrin Owen (Stuff): Pair accused in NZ First Foundation case continue to keep identities secret
Reweti Kohere (NBR): NZ First Foundation defendants win second suppression battle (paywalled)

David Cormack (Herald): Act’s political harvest will wither on the vine (paywalled)
Marc Daalder (Newshub): ACT may have breached privacy law with targeted ads
1News: Seymour says NZ ‘can’t do another’ lockdown, promises ACT would ‘get smarter about Covid-19’
Herald: ‘What the hell’ – David Seymour on the Christchurch rebuild
Re: Church and State: Brook Van Velden on why she switched from Greens to ACT

Advance NZ
1News: Advance NZ accused of using bank account to hide overseas donations
Kim Moodie (Herald): Advance New Zealand ordered to pull ‘misleading’ advertisement

Cannabis Referendum
Sophie Vreeburg (Spinoff): Cannabis can cause schizophrenia. Why isn’t that part of the legalisation debate?
David Menkes (Newsroom): Cannabis referendum misses the point
Alex Braae (Spinoff): Internal Green poll suggests cannabis vote will go to the wire
Farah Hancock (Newsroom): Cannabis campaign’s last gasp
Ben Strang (RNZ): Cannabis age limit won’t reduce harm in young people, campaigners say
Chris Fowlie (Daily Blog): Toke the vote: ranking party cannabis policies

Euthanasia Referendum
Ian Powell (Second Opinion): A ‘good death’ is the issue, not euthanasia
Carmen Parahi (Stuff): Concern End of Life Choice Act created by middle class Pākehā to the detriment of Māori
Aileen Collier (Newsroom): How much ‘choice’ in assisted dying bill?
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Disabled New Zealanders concerned about assisted dying Act
Herald: Former Prime Minister Sir John Key says he will vote ‘yes’ in euthanasia referendum
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Why I am abstaining in the Euthanasia Referendum
Dion Howard (Stuff): Would legal assisted dying add to our dire suicide figures?
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Blood cancer sufferer’s emotional appeal on End of Life Choice Act

Newshub’s The Euthanasia Question discussion
Newshub: As it happened: Newshub’s The Euthanasia Question discussion
Newshub: Emotional Sir John Key’s plea on End of Life Choice Act and why he’s voting ‘yes’
Newshub: Why cancer campaigner Melissa Vining is undecided on the End of Life Choice Act

Boyd Swinburn (Stuff): Which parties have the best public health policies?
RNZ: Three parties committed to establishing a Māori health agency
Ireland Hendry-Tennant (Newshub): Labour, National, ACT, NZ First, and the Green Party reveal their plans to deal with NZ’s mental health problems
Libby Wilson (Stuff): Covid: travel bans, limited flights for health workers heading to NZ amidst pandemic

Geoff Simmons (Interest): Regardless of who forms the government after this weekend, there is no plan to make housing affordable
David Hargreaves (Interest): KiwiUnderBuild – NZ ‘short of 65,000 houses’
RNZ: Surging house prices can’t last forever – REINZ
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Record low interest rates, Kiwis’ confidence behind sky-high house sales – property commentator

Jamie Morton (Herald): Why NZ’s ‘go hard, go early’ response was world-leading
1News: NZ’s Covid-19 methods are effective but ‘old fashioned’ – disaster expert
1News: Bold thinking needed by next government to capitalise on NZ’s strong Covid-19 response – expert

Anne Salmond (Newsroom): The politics of human survival
Laura Revell and Ann Brower (Stuff): It’s time to shelve the ‘small country’ excuse
Phil Pennington (RNZ): ‘Hidden story’ of industrial-sized plastic bladders going to landfills

Local government
Nick Truebridge (RNZ): Auckland CBD business association asks workers to return
Stephen Forbes (Stuff): Council votes to continue sinking lid for pokie machines
Lois Williams (RNZ): Councils sign off on ratepayer share of Greymouth floodwall deal

Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Reserve Bank would rather do ‘too much’: Will it come to regret that?
Nicholas Jones (Herald): Social Credit Party on its Reserve Bank plan and Covid-19 ‘s ‘sweeping away of taboos on economic management’
Priscilla Dickinson (Newshub): How Labour and National would help businesses come back from COVID-19

Primary industries
RNZ: The Detail: Farmers have form filling issues with sustainability
Dominic Harris and Blair Ensor (Stuff): Russians jet in to save New Zealand’s beleaguered deep-sea fishing industry

Gill Bonnett (RNZ): Overseas workers told to leave too soon and unfairly – adviser
Tom Dillane (Herald): Jacinda Ardern steps in after UK family whose son was killed by speedboat are refused NZ entry
Tom Dillane (Herald): Grieving UK family stranded on yacht refused NZ entry after son killed in speedboat accident
RNZ: Checkpoint: Family whose son died on sailing trip appeal to government to enter NZ

John Gerritsen (RNZ): Ministry allocates $14.9m to help students struggling during pandemic
Brittney Deguara (Stuff): Families of children with disabilities a ‘hidden minority’ during Covid-19 lockdown, many still in ‘survival mode’
Ben Leahy (Herald): University’s controversial $5m Parnell pad catches eye of Government watchdog (paywalled)

Canterbury quakes
Anan Zaki (RNZ): Deadline for EQC compensation unfair, say advocates for quake-damaged homeowners
Holly Carran (Newshub): Christchurch earthquakes: Documentary When a City Rises shows ‘difficult’ rebuild for city

Aaron Smale (Newsroom): Abuse, torture and a deep state campaign of denial
Caroline Miller (The Big Q): Replacing the RMA: Will it be more of the same or something better?
Robin Martin (RNZ): Taranaki jobseeker numbers stubbornly high
RNZ: Auckland Transport proposes slashing 100 of its staff
Matt Nippert (Herald): ‘Fall from grace’ keeps former Māori King adviser Rangi Whakaruru from prison (paywalled)
Jordan Bond (RNZ): Former advisor to the Māori King sentenced to home detention for fraud
Herald: Australia bursts its travel bubble: 200 New Zealanders expected on first flight



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