Mainly under control in Asia, winter outbreaks in Europe. Chart by Keith Rankin.
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Chart analysis by Keith Rankin

EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here for an updated chart and analysis dated March 11, 2020

This chart update shows different measures of the problem than did my chart posted three days ago.

Here we see the total number of recorded cases of Covid-19, per million of the worst affected countries’ populations, though it omits tiny San Marino, which is by far the worst of all. The left side of the chart shows the all cases, including resolved cases.

The right side of the chart shows the number of new cases; cases notified since March 1. Where a red (right-side) measure is similar to the blue (left-side) measure, it means that most of a country’s cases are recent.

For isolation purposes, the countries that pose the greatest risk are San Marino, Iceland, Italy, South Korea, Iran, Switzerland, Bahrain, Norway and Sweden. Other countries in western Europe also pose significant risks. At present, travellers from Iceland, Italy and Iran poses bigger risks to New Zealand than visitors from China ever did, even at the peak of the outbreak in China.

Of Asian countries, only South Korea continues to pose a substantial risk. China and Japan now pose very little risk.

It is important that New Zealand immediately recommences its full economic and educational relationship with China and Japan.