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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – January 22 2019

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.
Today’s content

Geoff Simmons (Spinoff): New Zealand is losing at housing. How could we win?
RNZ: Morning Report: Watch: Chris Hipkins on housing affordability
Bryan Bruce (Daily Blog): Our housing is severely unaffordable
Katie Bradford (1News): Drop in housing market predicted, and soon – leading economist
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): NZ house prices are among the most unaffordable in the world: survey
RNZ: Housing in all main NZ markets now ‘severely unaffordable’
Anne Gibson (Herald): Tauranga outstrips London – 8th least affordable housing market: Global study
Zane Small (Newshub): Tauranga world’s eighth most unaffordable housing market
Bernard Orsman (Herald): Auckland needs to spread out to make housing affordable, says councillor
1News: Accommodation supplements nudge $30m a week, put pressure on welfare system
Pattrick Smellie (BusinessDesk): Labour will lose in 2020 without more progress on housing affordability: Pavletich
BusinessDesk: Indications emerge about resignation of KiwiBuild head
Gareth Kiernan (Stuff): Resignation another step to KiwiBuild failure
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): New Year, same old KiwiBuild stuff-ups
RNZ: Industry expertise key in search for new KiwiBuild boss – expert
Newshub: Mayor ‘confident’ KiwiBuild will succeed, despite boss’ departure
Jason Walls (Herald): KiwiBuild unit head Stephen Barclay resigns with immediate effect
RNZ: KiwiBuild head Stephen Barclay officially resigns
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): KiwiBuild boss stands down after months of absence
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): KiwiBuild boss resigns after reports of dispute
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Latest property management scandal shows regulation overdue

Inequality, welfare
Belinda Feek (Herald): NZ’s richest men gain as much wealth as the poor have lost
Bonnie Flaws (Stuff): Oxfam report says inequality is deepening
Tom Hunt (Stuff): Tax more: Oxfam calls for wealth tax to tackle growing inequality
RNZ: The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer – new research
Eric Crampton:Oxfam – again
Richard Swainson (Stuff): Stepping into struggle street offers a new perspective on wealth and poverty
RNZ: Advocate hits back over National’s call for more benefit sanctions
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Benefit sanctions need to be harsher – Simon Bridges
1News: More people on job seeker support benefits under Labour ‘just not good enough’, says Simon Bridges
RNZ: Government benefits still not enough a poverty action group says
Sarah Robson (RNZ): Hardship grant rise ‘related to housing cost’
RNZ: Government benefits still not enough a poverty action group says
Mike Yardley (Stuff): Government running up a wellbeing deficit

PM in Europe, Brexit
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Jacinda Ardern secures post-Brexit agreement with UK, warns of dangers of ‘No-Deal’ Brexit
RNZ: UK pledges trade continuity with NZ after Brexit
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern inks deal with British PM Theresa May
Zane Small (Newshub): Post-Brexit deal: Jacinda Ardern, Theresa May agree to protect New Zealand businesses
1News: New Zealand and UK sign trade continuity agreement as Jacinda Ardern and Theresa May meet in London
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): It’s Jacinda Ardern’s chance to shine — but can she show substance too?
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): World Economic Forum: What Jacinda Ardern and the world will discuss
Stuff: Jacinda Ardern expresses admiration for UK PM but says a no-deal Brexit would be ‘very, very difficult’
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Ardern acknowledges hard Brexit could be difficult for New Zealand businesses
Lloyd Burr (Newsroom): Post-Brexit deal: Ardern offers no assurances for Kiwi exporters
Herald: Ardern: Whatever Britain decides about its new place in the world, NZ stands with you
1News: No-deal Brexit would be ‘very damaging, very difficult’ for New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern
Lucy Bennett (Herald): PM Jacinda Ardern to meet Theresa May during time of Brexit tumult
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Post-Brexit deal: Ardern in the right place at the right time
Jo Moir (RNZ): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to meet embattled British leader Theresa May ahead of summit
Bruce Munro (ODT): Global Insight: The Brexit train wreck – Part 2
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Is NZ business ready for Brexit?
Moana Makapelu Lee (Māori TV): How Brexit could affect NZers
Jason Walls (Herald): Foreign Minister Winston Peters says British MPs need to prepare for a ‘hard Brexit’ scenario
Zane Small (Newshub): Davos: PM Jacinda Ardern to challenge ‘false protectionism and isolation’ on Europe tour
Megan Sutherland (Newshub): Clarke Gayford gives inside look at Jacinda Ardern’s insanely packed Davos schedule

Foreign affairs
Robert Ayson (Newsroom): A China chip on New Zealand’s shoulder?
Matthew Hooton (Herald): Is Jacinda Ardern on board with the Winston Peters Reset?
Pattrick Smellie (Stuff): Is Winston Peters playing the PM on foreign policy?
Jason Walls (Herald): Canadian PM Trudeau calls Jacinda Ardern to shore up support in escalating diplomatic feud with China
Michael Reddell: Cowering and contemptible
RNZ: China intelligence law a ‘known concern’ in Huawei 5G ban – GCSB Minister Andrew Little
Mitch McCann (Newshub): Australia plans further deportations of New Zealand criminals
Matthew Theunissen (RNZ): Detainees at three more centres join Yongah Hill hunger protests
RNZ: NZ detainees in Australia involved in hunger strike – advocate
Audrey Young (Herald): Expansion and renewal part of NZ’s footprint on the world

Herald: CPTPP nations meet in Tokyo for first commission meeting
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Parker: CPTPP ‘vision’ vital in tough trade year
Catherine Harris/AP (Stuff): Consensus reached on expanding CPTPP trade deal
1News: CPTPP meeting agrees on guidelines to expand trade agreement
1News: Slow down in China could have ‘very big impact’ on New Zealand economy

United Nations human rights review
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): Andrew Little to UN: New Zealand is failing women and our justice system is broken
Derek Cheng (Herald): UN to scrutinise NZ’s human rights record
RNZ: NZ human rights to come under scrutiny from UN
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Why Saudi Arabia is about to judge NZ’s human rights record

NZ intelligence agencies
Keith Locke (Spinoff): Spy chief’s apology to me reveals scandalous truth about the SIS
RNZ: SIS apologises to former Green MP for past treatment as a ‘threat’
Suzie Dawson (Daily Blog): They Spy With Their Little Eye – NZ Spy Scandal: The Elephants In The Room

MBIE, public service
Richard Harman (Politik): How the Christchurch earthquake shook up the public service
Jo Moir (RNZ): Ethics code may see mega ministry contracts lost, lobby group says
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Will the Government fix spying in the public service?
Newshub: Privacy watchdog concerned about MBIE’s online sleuthing
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Quake Minister Megan Woods seeks SSC advice on OIA payments to security firm Thompson & Clark
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Megan Woods seeks answers on Southern Response’s use of private investigators
Lucy Bennett (Herald):  MBIE reviewing training for staff, preparing briefing for ministers
Herald: Can public servants snoop on social media? Only if they ask first

Sexual assault
RNZ: Lawyer of woman forced to pay likely abuser says decision will have ‘chilling effect’
Alison Mau (Stuff): Mariya Taylor case: Outcome ‘huge barrier’ to justice, lawyer says
Anna Loren and Alison Mau (Stuff): ‘A stab in the chest’: Air Force servicewoman must pay almost $28k in court costs to man who harassed her
Grace Cocker (Newshub): Outrage after assault victim ordered to pay offender costs
Herald: Victim of convicted ‘groper Roper’ ordered to pay almost $28,000 in legal costs
RNZ: Woman ordered to pay ‘likely’ abuser $28k despite ‘heinous’ attack
Alex Braae (Spinoff): Roast Buster ringleader ‘trying to make amends’ just started crowdfunding a music career
Luke Kirkness (Herald): Roast Busters ringleader Joseph Parker’s appeal on social media to help fund music career
Katie Scotcher (RNZ): Roast Buster interview ‘re-traumatising victims’
Harrison Christian (Stuff): Roast Busters’ victims face further trauma from TV interview, says Louise Nicholas
Stuff: Roast Buster’s victim says she was constantly lied to by her abusers
Karen Rutherford (Newshub): Watch: Extended interview with Roast Busters ringleader Joseph Parker – Part 1
Karen Rutherford (Newshub): ‘I’m trying to make amends’: Roast Busters’ ringleader Joseph Parker breaks five-year silence
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Roast Busters ringleader tells his story
Anna Leask (Herald): Roast Busters: Second ‘ringleader’ speaks out about underage sex allegations, scandal

Animal welfare
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Should rodeos be banned in New Zealand?
Gareth Hughes (Newshub): Why it’s time to ban rodeo from NZ
RNZ: Animals ‘tortured’ pointlessly in depression research, says NZ group

Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Jacinda Ardern faces conundrums over Cabinet reshuffle
Jo Moir (RNZ): Job vacancies arise in the prime minister’s office
1News: Jacinda Ardern wants Clarke Gayford to ‘agonise’ over marriage proposal, says she won’t pop the question herself
Jo Moir (RNZ): Labour Māori MPs face demands for action as PM misses Rātana celebrations
Paul Gorman (Stuff): Speaker Trevor Mallard’s turbulent Twitter exchange with WeatherWatch boss

Green Party
Richard Harman (Politik): Once were radicals. The Greens in government
Jason Walls (Herald): $350,000 donation to the Greens, from late party member’s estate, the largest to a major political party in almost a decade

Labour Party
Shane Te Pou (Newsroom): Reflections of a former Labour activist
Guy Williams (Stuff): Was David Cunliffe’s ‘sorry’ ahead of its time

National Party
Sophie Bateman (Newshub): Simon Bridges vows to ‘scrupulously ignore’ Jami-Lee Ross in 2019
Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Department of Conservation confirms staff member removed from Maggie Barry’s office
Jason Walls (Herald): National MP Alfred Ngaro asked more than 1000 written questions in just one day last year
Jason Walls (Herald): ‘I’m open for business’ – National’s Paula Bennett becomes a marriage celebrant

RNZ: Move carefully on cannabis law reform, academic says
Sally Caswell (Herald): If we legalise cannabis we must keep business at bay
1News: Community and non-profit models of cannabis regulation preferred by public – study
Zane Small (Newshub): What if cannabis profits went back to the community?
Scott Palmer (Newshub): 2020 cannabis referendum would easily pass, poll says
RNZ: NZ company gets licensed for high THC cannabis
Sophie Bateman (Herald): NZ cannabis company gets green light to import stronger strains
Catherine Harris (Stuff): Hikurangi Cannabis gets nod to import high THC cannabis strains
Ben Leahy (Herald): Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana predicts cannabis sales to boom

Praveen Menon (Reuters): New Zealand’s deteriorating water raises a stink
Anusha Bradley (RNZ): Residents say wastewater leaking onto Whirinaki Beach in Hawke’s Bay is ‘illegal activity’
David Williams (Newsroom): Illegal heli landings continue
CJ Iorns (Newsroom): Time to overhaul NZ’s pesticide rules
Listener Editorial: Why the SPCA aren’t completely wrong about 1080 poison
Cate Macinnis-Ng (Newsroom): 1080 debate: time to face reality
Nina Fowler (RNZ): ‘Mega mast’ prompts biggest ever DOC 1080 drops
Steve Urlich (Stuff): Conservation is at a crossroads, and we have to pick the right path ahead
David Williams (Newsroom): NZ’s rarest bird on the brink
Amber-Leigh Woolf and Liz McDonald (Stuff): Harsh penalties for bag ban rule-breakers

Jason Walls (Herald): Tuariki Delamere, former NZ First immigration minister, says the parent visa category should be canned
Jason Walls (Herald): The Govt will soon decide if it will reopen the parent visa, which has been closed since 2016
RNZ: ‘Missing’ boat of Indian migrants may be heading to NZ
Graham Adams (Noted): Immigration: Winston Peters has the tiger by the tail
Michael Morrah (Newshub): 12 foreigners investigated by Immigration NZ over weapons of mass destruction fears
Michael Morrah (Newshub): Immigration New Zealand pressured to give Chinese workers alternative visas
Jamie Ensor and Michael Morrah (Newshub):Desperate plea to accommodate Chinese workers evicted and allegedly left without pay
Michael Morrah (Newshub): Chinese workers in New Zealand allegedly left without passports, food, toilet paper

Karel Sroubek residency decision
Derek Cheng (Herald): Karel Sroubek case: Richie Hardcore’s text to PM Jacinda Ardern revealed
Dan Satherley and Vita Molyneux (Newshub): Karel Sroubek: Richie Hardcore’s text to Jacinda Ardern revealed
Jo Moir (RNZ): Texts to prime minister about Sroubek released

Junior doctors’ strike
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Behind the junior doctors’ strike
Chris Trotter (Daily Blog): Silence Of The Lambs: Why Is The CTU Saying So Little About The Resident Doctors’ Struggle?
Bryan Bruce (Daily Blog): Let’s support our Junior Doctors

Lucy Bennett (Herald): Health Minister David Clark warns DHBS over financial performance
John Tamihere (Herald): Everyone has the right to dream
Ruby Macandrew (Stuff): Very few Kiwi doctors disciplined for inappropriate prescribing
Herald: Don’t pee in the pool: Sign labelled ‘casual racism’ by Labour MP
Tema Hemi (Māori TV): Coffey speaks out about Auckland Council posters
RNZ: Shortage forces rationing of popular contraceptive pill
Leigh-Marama McLachlan (RNZ): ‘A tobacco-free Māori nation is important’
Benedict Collins (1News): Government launches heat health plan as Kiwis are warned to start preparing for more hot weather
1News: ‘Getting too hot is a serious risk’ – New guidelines address health impact of climate change
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Hep C drug to help thousands, but the disease is still stigmatised, advocates say

Chris Keall (Herald): TVNZ boss’s pay rise to $1.43m dwarfs staff bonus
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Another bumper pay rise for TVNZ’s CEO Kevin Kenrick sees packet rise to $1.4 million
RNZ: Stuff up for sale by new Australian owner
Rukuwai Tipene-Allen (Māori TV): A new path for Māori Television
Māori TV: A fresh outlook with Shane Taurima
Mark Jenning (Newsroom): MediaWorks brings in the grumpy old men
Toby Manhire (Spinoff): ‘I’m completely squeaky clean’: an interview with Matthew Hooton
Whaleoil: ‘Where the hell is Cam?’
Pattrick Smellie (BusinessDesk): Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater laid low by serious stroke

Simon Collins (Herald): Six-monthly school reports to parents look set to be axed
Josephine Franks (Stuff): School donations: Top schools get millions in donations while others get $0
Pat Walsh (Herald): Radical education shake-up comes with risks
Rob Stock (Stuff): The lucrative relationship between schools and business
Charlotte Carter (Stuff): Parents struggling to cope with tech costs should get tax rebate, says ex-principal
Natalie Akoorie (Herald): Why sponsoring a child through Variety means the difference between learning and not
Zane Small (Newshub): Education Minister Chris Hipkins believes teachers’ strike ‘unjustified’
RNZ: Learning support specialists to start month-long industrial action
Peter Lyons (ODT): Govt’s hands tied over teachers’ pay claims
Piers Fuller (Stuff): Low student numbers and mounting debts sank Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre
Piers Fuller (Stuff): Taratahi staff and students in limbo in the wake of financial collapse
Katie Todd (RNZ): ‘Sense of hopelessness’ as uncertainty surrounds Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre
RNZ: Funding call for Telford training farm campus staff
Mary-Jo Tohill (Stuff): Mayor and MP rally support for Telford staff in SIT takeover
Tema Hemi (Māori TV): Help Cerebral Palsy sufferer Beauche McGregor become a Social Worker

Justice, corrections
Laura Walters (Newsroom): The report Corrections withheld for three years
Harrison Christian (Stuff): Corrections withheld report linking double bunking with gang activity
Sally Blundell (Noted): Sir Kim Workman on his fight for criminal justice reform
RNZ: Fewer people diverted away from court for drug charges – report

Auckland Pride
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: New-look Pride Parade under threat
Melanie Earley (Stuff): Auckland Pride Board reincarnates parade as walk

Kate Newton (RNZ): White Noise
RNZ: Head for Auckland city centre to airport light rail project announced
Herald Editorial: Auckland Council picks ugly route to pine removal

Ngāpuhi Treaty settlement process
RNZ: Far north hapū form alliances for future negotiation
Raniera Harrison (Māori TV): Major Ngāpuhi protest “fully on the cards”
Cleo Fraser (Newshub): Hundreds meet to find way forward with Ngāpuhi’s stalled treaty negotiations

Primary industries
Maja Burry (RNZ): Researchers to study human impact of Mycoplasma bovis
Heather Chalmers (Stuff): No “over the fence” spread of Mycoplasma bovis, says MPI
RNZ: Failure to find M bovis source frustrates agriculture minister
RNZ: Horticultural industry and union at odds over migrant workers
Laura Wiltshire (Hawkes Bay Today): Average picking pay of $23 an hour is not ‘exploitation’, Hawke’s Bay growers say
Lawrence Yule (Herald): Opinion: Government has role to play in finding horticulture workers
Newshub:Unemployment ‘so low’ there aren’t enough people to pick apples
RNZ: Sheep outnumber New Zealanders by just five to one

Richard Wagstaff (Stuff): It’s not enough to grow the pie, workers need a bigger share
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Here’s why no-one wants to plant trees for $400 a day
David Cormack (Herald): The crappiest gig
Bonnie Flaws (Stuff): Work breaks: What are your rights?
Liam Dann (Herald): Female tradies earning 20pc less than males
RNZ: Demand for workers remains strong

Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Vocal critic of coalition policy admits ‘sky hasn’t fallen’ as business confidence lifts
Gyles Beckford (RNZ): Business confidence up but profit squeeze worries
RNZ: Manufacturing sector ends year on strong note

Transport and roading
Stuff: Will cheaper ticket prices attract more public transport use or better bus routes?
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Auckland Transport increases public transport fares
Herald: Auckland bus, train and ferry prices hiked by up to 7 per cent
1News: Public transport users in Auckland to fork out more for using bus, train and ferry services
RNZ: Cost of Auckland public transport to go up
Catherine Hutton (RNZ): Interislander ferries to be replaced with rail ready fleet
Katarina Williams (Stuff): Three Interislander ferries to be replaced by two rail-ready vessels
Ryan Dunlop (Herald): Only a matter of time’ before lasers cause serious air crash, Pilots’ Association says
Nick Truebridge (Stuff): Police could be asked to enforce Lime speed limit on footpaths
Southland Times Editorial: They won’t entirely neuter the e-scooter
Dave Armstrong (Stuff): Come on Wellington, it’s time we had a twist of Lime
Newshub: State highway upgrades revealed
Derek Cheng (Herald): Govt announces $20 million to make rural highways safer

Tamsyn Parker (Herald): Govt declines calls for compulsory employer KiwiSaver for over 65s
Brian Gaynor (Herald): Why Aussies are winning the retirement race

Local government
Stuff: Where’s Wellington’s mayoral race? Justin Lester’s challengers in hiding as election year gears up
Max Christoffersen (Stuff): O’Leary for mayor – next please

Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): $735 income tax cut in return for capital gains tax would be ‘hypocrisy’, says National
John Cuthbertson (Stuff): Capital gains tax: What’s fair for one person may hurt another

New Zealander of the Year
Vita Molyneux (Newshub): Top three finalists for New Zealander of the Year 2019 announced
Regan Paranihi (Māori TV): King up for New Zealander of the Year

Joseph Plunket (Spinoff): The government’s solution to the racing industry’s woes? A lot more gambling
Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes (Māori TV): Calling for a pokie-free Tairāwhiti

Dan Satherley (Newshub): NZ’s electoral process the best in the world – report
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Pundits predict the year ahead in NZ politics
Anne Cotton (Stuff): Dangers for the vulnerable in End of Life Choice Bill
Mitchell Alexander (Newshub): More than $1 million splashed on New Zealand anti-money laundering billboards
Astrid Austin (Hawkes Bay Today): Where are the women? Fire and Emergency wants more diversity in firefighters
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Military brass refresh ‘chance for greater diversity’ – Mark
Adam Beam and Brian Melley (Herald): Mocking students ‘performed the haka’, says Native American witness
Julia Amua Whaipooti (Spinoff): When Nathan Phillips stood up to white supremacy he stood up for our people, too
Mitch McCann (Newshub): Troy Skinner: Father’s final plea to get his son back to New Zealand
Catherine Harris (Stuff): The competitors that could lower NZ’s supermarket prices
Jo McKenzie-McLean (Stuff): More than 350 foreign sex workers turned away at New Zealand border
Michael Neilson (Herald): Hemp gives small Māori community of Ruatoria a chance to redefine itself
Laura Dooney (RNZ): New plans for quashed Shelly Bay development lodged
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Police involved in fatal shootings would get instant name suppression under proposed Bill
RNZ: NZ’s first professor of social policy dies aged 78