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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – December 10 2018

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.

Liz Gordon (Daily Blog): Yesterday’s schools
Simon Collins (Herald): ‘Stalinist’ or ‘exciting’: Battle begins over radical school reforms
John Minto (Daily Blog): A breath of fresh spring air shows the way out of a dark age in education
John Boynton (RNZ): Māori education: ‘We certainly have got a lot of work to do’
Katarina Williams and Piers Fuller (Stuff): Review poses ‘very big question marks’ over intermediate schools’ place in education
CPAG: Tomorrow’s Schools Taskforce provides “bold, brave blueprint For radical change”
Katie Kenny and Josephine Franks (Stuff): School v school: Principals push back against proposals to neuter competition
Zane Small (Newshub): ‘Disempowering parents’: Mixed reactions to education shake-up
Mānia Clarke (Māori TV): Wharekura principal critical of education review
Simon Collins (Herald): Big schools vow to resist ‘Stalinist’ school bureaucracy
RNZ: Headmaster slams radical proposals for schools
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Simon Bridges wants input into NCEA review
David Farrar: Govt taskforce proposes stripping school boards of all meaningful roles
John Gerritsen (RNZ): Taskforce suggests huge school reform
Derek Cheng (Herald): Tomorrow’s Schools Review: All you need to know about the proposed education shake-up
Simon Collins (Herald): Biggest education shake-up in 30 years proposed
Adele Redmond (Stuff): What is an Education Hub? Unpicking the new vision for NZ’s school system
Zane Small (Newshub): Education overhaul recommended, as New Zealand schools found to be ‘slipping’
RNZ: Government-appointed taskforce calls for transformation of NZ’s school system
Adele Redmond (Stuff): Radical schools report recommends stripping boards of trustees’ powers
Laura Walters (Newsroom): Education hubs could take over most school governance
1News: Simon Bridges says it would be ‘a shame to lose’ religious instruction in state schools
John-MIchael Swannix (Newshub): In The Zone: Terrance Wallace takes Auckland school zone project home to Chicago
John Gerritsen (RNZ): Fee-free policy having little impact on school-leavers’ decisions
Bruce Munro (ODT): The lore of the man
RNZ: NZ’s richest man donates $10m for South Auckland dental school
Stuff: Graeme Hart gives University of Otago $10 million for new dental school
Isaac Davison (Herald): Rich-listers get their wallets out for research
Siouxsie Wiles (Stuff): Funding research is disheartening
Cate Broughton (Stuff): Joint Lincoln facility delay ‘disappointing’: Hipkins
ODT Editorial: Scarfie culture change deserves praise

Child poverty
Belinda Feek (Herald): One in five Kiwi kids still live without access to food: report
Katie Doyle (RNZ): Child poverty: 100,000 children ‘doing it really tough’
Tom Hunt (Stuff): More than 160,000 Kiwi kids don’t get enough good food
CPAG: CPM 2018: Inadequate incomes and high cost housing to blame for rise in food poverty

School sport
Steve Kilgallon (Stuff): Why our school sport system is completely broken
Dominion Post Editorial: Rugby ‘poaching’ highlights clash of cultures
Anendra Singh (Herald): Opinion: Auckland principals guilty of bullying in bid to boycott St Kents, King’s College 1st XVs
Kerre McIvor (Herald): Why not use your rugby skills for a better future?

National Party
Jason Walls (Herald): Opposition leader Simon Bridges is not worried about the latest National Party leak
Dan Satherley (Newshub): I’m not ‘dud jockey’, says Simon Bridges
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): National’s dilemma – can someone do better than Bridges?
Richard Harman (Politik): Bridges: more than barking
Jason Walls (Herald): Documents detailing National Party’s policy interests have been leaked
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Simon Bridges’ leadership still being undermined
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): I was wrong about Judith Collins – what the latest leak really says about the factions inside National
Audrey Young (Herald): Can National’s strong performance survive the strong death-wish for Bridges?
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Heat taken out of dreaded barbecue season for National
Steve Braunias (Herald): Secret Diary of Simon Bridges
1News: Sir John Key confident after National’s ‘phenomenally good’ party polling and backs Simon Bridges as leader
Pete George: Media intent on popularity politics dump on Bridges

Jo Moir (RNZ): Government ministers’ meetings to be made public from next year
Stuff: Government to release ministerial diaries from January
No Right Turn: A victory for transparency
RNZ: Is Labour wasting money on working parties and govt reviews?
Herald Editorial: Inquiries can be a substitute for action
Phil Taylor (Stuff): Government spending $700,000 a day on inquiries, Opposition claims
Point of Order: Ministerial appointments monitor – jobs for the boys (and jobs for the girls, too)

Kirsty Johnston (Herald): Maggie Barry whistle-blower threatened with legal action, as more bullying alleged
RNZ: Doubts over Speaker’s impartiality need to be sorted quickly – Borrows
Peter Wilson (RNZ): Week in politics: National’s woes continue, tensions in chamber
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Herald): Mallard, the Ardern protector
Richard Griffin (Stuff): Political clichés as relevant now as ever
Guy Williams (Stuff): John Key, Jacinda Ardern: Before they led the country they did awkward spots on comedy shows
1News: New mum Julie Anne Genter says being a parent is ‘hardest job I’ve done’ as she returns to Parliament
Carly Gibbs (Herald): Former MP Tony Ryall on life after politics

Anne Gibson (Herald): KiwiBuild chief gone after just five months: Barclay leaves top role
Stuff: KiwiBuild chief executive Stephen Barclay has resigned
Pete George: Q+A: Phil Twyford “not my job to know” why KiwiBuild CEO not working
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): They’re lining up to slam KiwiBuild
Newshub: National wants answers on KiwiBuild boss departure
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): KiwiBuild problems ‘more than just teething issues’
Emily Cooper (1News): Housing Minister Phil Twyford calls National’s claims it could do more housing ‘laughable’
Henry Cooke (Stuff): KiwiBuild comes to Wellington with six-storey apartment block in Mt Cook
1News: Wellington’s first KiwiBuild homes to be constructed next year
Tom Rowland (Herald): Hamilton councillor calls dream of owning home impossible
Katy Jones (Stuff): Rental squeeze sees rising numbers of man’s best friends kicked to the kerb
Tracy Neal (RNZ): Nelson people team up to tackle housing problem
Josh Walton (ODT): Housing for workers a perennial problem
Liz Craig (Southland Times): Accelerating action on housing
Newshub: Healthy homes site proves a hit
Isaac Davison (Herald): ‘The best deal in town’ – New installation House of Cars encourages landlords to house rough sleepers
David Chaston (Interest): Loading up on housing debt?
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Ring-fencing rental losses to cost property investors $190m a year
Sam Farrell (Newshub): Petone’s ‘Bronx’ in line for an upgrade after gruesome decapitation

NZ’s political culture
Debrin Foxcroft (Stuff): The French are rioting, but they have it better than Kiwis
Gia Garrick (RNZ): Secret recording ‘comes down to the harsh reality of humanity’
Andrew Gunn (Stuff): The most egregious calamity of our time’

2018 in review
Martin van Beynen (Stuff): 2018 – the year of quiet revolution
David Slack (Stuff): What lessons have we learned this year? Take my 2018 year end quiz and find out
Herald: New Zealander of the Year 2018: People’s Choice Award
Newshub: Quote of the Year: Simon Bridges hits the lead
The Spinoff: Alternative Quote of the Year 2018

Mental health
Emma Russell (Herald): Over 200 suspected suicides associated with DHB failings
RNZ: Nicky Stevens’ parents push for apology after coroner finds deficiencies in care
Phillipa Yalden (Stuff): Family seek apology from DHB after damning report finds son’s death was ‘avoidable’
Libby Wilson (Stuff): No option but to do something about Waikato mental health inpatient unit, DHB says
Rob Stock (Stuff): Financial impact of mental health on individuals, and the country
Hinemoa Elder (Stuff): Māori suicides are on the rise, but no one wants to pay attention to the evidence
Lizzie Marvelly (Herald): Mental health report a huge wake-up call
Indira Stewart (RNZ): Together Alone: New Zealand’s silent Pasifika mental health crisis

Health and disability
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Kiwis support medicinal cannabis for many conditions: Poll
Damien Venuto (Herald): Kiwis want cannabis law to go further – study
Natalie Akoorie (Herald): Kiwi with disease cannot get treatment, doctors say she’s faking her symptoms
Natalie Akoorie (Herald): NZ woman’s ‘life at stake’ in medical diagnosis row, accused of faking her symptoms
Jake McKee Cagney (Stuff): Hauraki District Council exploring public smoking ban
Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes (Māori TV): Kaiti School students transform community space to smoke-free zone
Hannah Martin (Stuff): More than 600 people injured while in New Zealand hospitals this year
Herald: Starship children’s hospital in Auckland receives $9m in largest ever donation
Sam Hurley (Herald): Proposed law change forcing doctors to dob in unfit drivers could breach patient confidentiality
Vaimoana Tapaleao (Herald): Nurse burned by boiling water thrown by patient calls for better safety measures for nurses
Emma Blackett (Stuff): Midwives pushing for better conditions, but too busy to strike
Brad Flahive (Stuff): New Zealand’s premature babies have better chance to survive and thrive, study shows
Julie Iles (Stuff): HeartKids celebrates 30 years in the capital with a picnic at Government House
Cate Broughton (Stuff): Mesh destroys ‘intimacy in marriage’ but Kiwi victim cannot sue
David Loughrey (ODT): Services sooner with split build
Tim Brown (RNZ): Poor condition of Dunedin Hospital means fast-tracked rebuild
Stuff: Concern over Dunedin Hospital’s condition leads to rebuild fast-track
1News: Section of new Dunedin Hospital fast tracked, current state won’t ‘last the distance’
RNZ: Pool safety laws too lax – doctor
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Disability and support sector at funding breaking point ‘waiting on a tragedy’
RNZ: Supporting disabled costs far more than government pays – group
Ruby Macandrew (Stuff): After 20 years of needing help, Wellington man in line for ‘life-changing’ robotic arm

Environment and conservation
Andy Fyers (Stuff): New Zealand’s out-sized climate change contribution
Gen Toop (Stuff): Banning New Zealand’s hidden climate killer – synthetic nitrogen fertiliser
Vincent Heeringa (Idealog): Climate change has a PR problem. How can we get people to care more about what’s at stake?
Chris Bramwell (RNZ): National accuses Shane Jones of misleading benefits of billion trees programme
Paul Gorman (Stuff): Flood-prone South Dunedin’s future depends on science not propaganda
AP: ‘For every electric vehicle …we import 24 Ford Rangers’: Car fumes NZ’s top emissions problem
Rob Stock (Stuff): Use less carbon and be happier, healthier and wealthier
Paul Harrison (Herald): Businesses must act as globe warms
Andrew Booth (Stuff): How long will we keep kicking the can on climate change?
Jacob Anderston (Herald): Five ways you can help save our oceans
Jamie Morton (Herald): How we’re eating the plastic we put in the ocean
Kate Gudsell (RNZ): US water scientist shocked by NZ’s water quality
Faith Hancock (Nerwsroom): Avocado growers in Environment Court water fight
Michael Neilson and Jamie Morton (Herald): 1080 madness: DoC ranger slept with gun under his bed
RNZ: Mining company fined $60k for diesel leak in Waikato
RNZ: Removal of remaining Te Mata Peak track to cost $200,000
Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): ‘No doubt’ that NZ’s recycling is ending up in illegal dumping sites overseas
Ruby Macandrew and Amber Leigh-Woolf (Stuff): Soft plastic recycling scheme rejected by ‘handful’ of Kiwi supermarkets
Tom Kay (Stuff):Protecting nature offers big opportunities for Wellington
Libby Wilson (Stuff): Stoat kills seven native seabird chicks almost ready to fledge
Mark Quinlivan (Stuff): Outrage as endangered little blue penguin hit and killed by car in Timaru
Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): Little penguin allegedly run over in front of children in Timaru
RNZ: Penguin death sparks petition for road speed reduction
1News: DOC criticised over euthanising eight pygmy whales stranded in Far North

Henry Cooke (Stuff): Workplaces across New Zealand ask job applicants for their mental health details
RNZ:Job applicants face mental health discrimination – Greens
Joel Ineson (Stuff): Cerebral palsy never stopped Blair Nevin working, but a MSD funding cut might
Liam Dann (Herald): Strike action on the rise as power balance shifts – is Labour to blame?
Katie Todd (RNZ): A hub to match job seekers with employers in Ashburton
Donal Curtin: In their prime

Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Bosses making bank: Over-sized pay, or fair for a big job?
MIke Taylor (Stuff): The $2m Club: What fund managers think of CEO pay
Andy Fyers (Stuff): NZ chief executives are generally paid less than for similar roles overseas
Matt Brown (Stuff): The money of power: Marlborough Lines boss gets six-year back pay with hefty pay rise

Foreign Affairs 
Laura Walters (Newsroom): China-funded centres, and academic freedom concerns
RNZ: PM to ask minister to follow up on professor’s case
Mark Jennings (Newsroom): Don’t be scared to stand up to China
Ben Strang (RNZ): Andrew Little to raise NZ citizens’ concerns over treatment in Australia at talks
Zane Small (Newshub): Andrew Little responds to Australia passing anti-encryption law
RNZ: Simon Bridges on UN migration pact: We already have ‘good, if not excellent’ immigration policy
Gia Garrick (RNZ): Sovereignty concerns shroud NZ’s bid to sign UN migration pact
Sam Bookman (Spinoff): Simon Bridges needs to stop pandering to the alt-right on the Global Compact
Simon Draper (Stuff): South Korea is a friend, and we need friends
RNZ: NZ could fund repairs to new Cooks water supply system

Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): NZ won’t escape fallout from Huawei affair
RNZ: Huawei welcome to bid for 5G in Samoa – regulator

Anglican Church apology for betrayal over Māori land
Loyd Ashton (E-Tangata): With heads hung low
Alistair Reese (E-Tangata): A betrayal of trust
Tom O’Connor (Waikato Times): Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Waitara Lands Bill
Christina Persico (Stuff): Waitara Lands Bill approved for third reading at Parliament
Robin Martin (RNZ): Leaseholders and hapū oppose Waitara Lands Bill

Whānau Ora
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Whānau Ora Minister Peeni Henare considers removing incentive payment clauses
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Questions over $600,000 surplus paid by Whānau Ora to shareholder
RNZ: Whānau Ora Minister Peeni Henare hopes $600k payout will bolster services

GDP, tax
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): 115,000 Kiwis to get tax bill for first time
Tom McKinlay (ODT): Making it count
Tom McKinlay (ODT): Measuring the market: spoiling the planet
Rob Stock (Stuff): Marilyn Waring: Women’s work still ignored

Dal Dalgety (RNZ): Abortion protesters: ‘We will not be silent’
Ruby Macandrew (Stuff): Hundreds of pro-life advocates take to Wellington’s streets in opposition of abortion reform
Giles Dexter (Newshub): Sir Bill English joins anti-abortion activists in march through Wellington
1News: Hundreds march to Parliament in rally against abortion

Auckland Pride, gender, sex
Melanie Earley and Mandy Te (Stuff): ‘Repoliticising’ Auckland Pride: Moving forward after police uniform ban
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Pride Parade decision huge win for Pure Temple Exclusion over Broad Church Inclusion
Stuff: Damien Grant v Alison Mau: Gender agendas and faux outrage

Jan Antolic/Karel Sroubek residency case
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Drug smuggler Karel Sroubek received $18,000 legal aid but paid it back
Derek Cheng (Herald): National MP to lay privileges complaint against Winston Peters

Eugene Bingham and Paula Penfold (Stuff): The curse of injustice and what it does to people
Philippa Tolley (RNZ): Insight: Battling to turn around the lives of young criminals
Jason Walls (Herald): Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis hits back at claims made by Brian Tamaki at Parliament
Sam Hurley (Herald): Gender pay gap working group part of Government’s offer to striking Ministry of Justice staff
ODT Editorial: Change needed to curb violence
Hamish McNeilly (Stuff):The Xmas trees, the Maori Santa and the ex-cons bringing goodwill to Dunedin
Mere McLean (Māori TV): Rotorua rehabilitation programme prepares for graduation this month

Dave Macpherson (Daily Blog): Bad call by Govt to scrap mental health training for cops
RNZ: Police ‘wonderful at calming’ the mentally ill and distressed
Northern Advocate: Dargaville, Wellsford police station hours talk is ‘spin’, Northland MP says

RNZ: Checkpoint: NZTA inspectors tried to warn of non-compliance issues
Mike O’Donnell (Stuff): Scooters and bikes are the thin edge of a carless wedge, if history is correct

Air NZ strike
RNZ: Air NZ, unions begin urgent talks as strike looms
Grant Bradley (Herald): Comment: Damage already from Air New Zealand stoush with engineers
Southland Times Editorial: Fight or flight? A question to appal Christmas travellers
Herald Editorial: Spirit of Xmas absent in Air NZ staff’s strike
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Public sympathy for strikes may be undermined if Christmas is disrupted
Lucy Bennett (Herald): PM Jacinda Ardern concerned at strike action for Air NZ
1News: Air New Zealand workers’ strike days before Christmas would be a ‘real tragedy’ for passengers – Sir John Key
Herald: Air NZ engineers to strike just before Christmas, thousands of passengers affected
Herald: Union hits back at Air New Zealand over ‘misleading information’
RNZ: Air NZ strike could affect thousands

Robin Martin (RNZ): Taranaki to move away from emissions-based economy
Mike Houlahan (ODT): PM flies the flag in the deep South

Oscar Kightley (Stuff): Santa exists in whatever shape, colour or creed you need
Jonathan Milne (Stuff): The real Father Christmas is neck-deep in logistics spreadsheets
John Roughan (Herald): We are all a little silly over Santa Claus
Willie Jackson (Daily Blog): Calm down Duncan Garner
Duncan Garner (Stuff): Get a grip, Nehe Milner-Skudder, or get yourself a new gripe
Joel Maxwell (Stuff): There’s no right or wrong when Santa’s all fiction anyway
Josephine Franks (Stuff): Taking Christ out of Christmas: Mum keeps son out of school to avoid nativity class
Robin Martin (RNZ): Pre-Christmas pamper for those in need
Shawn McAvinue (ODT): Managing expectations key to affordable Xmas

Poverty, inequality
Ryan Boswell (1News): Auckland City Mission calls on Government to track food poverty as problem rises
1News: Eden Park, two marae become distribution centres as Auckland City Mission starts its Christmas operation
Raniera Harrison (Māori TV): Māori CEO calls out NZs food wastage problem
Katie Todd (RNZ): Canterbury residents struggling to make ends meet

Colin Peacock (RNZ): Is media mental health coverage helping?
Danyl Mclauchlan (Spinoff): While we rage against the evils of media, Silicon Valley’s titans pollute our lives
Aroha Awarau (Stuff): Fears TVNZ deal will exploit kaumātua
Jo Bond: JMAD Media Ownership Report. How Did Radio New Zealand Do?
Māori TV: Ngā Kupu Ora Māori Journalism Awards winners announced
Phil Taylor (Herald): Being Leighton: Departing radio talk star on love, luck and not looking back

Rob Stock (Stuff): 566,378 customers impacted by bank errors, Financial Markets Authority reveals
Jenee Tibshraeny (RNZ): A Battle for Banking

Local government
RNZ: Wellington convention centre faces final hurdle
Tom Hunt (Stuff): Cyclists in the firing line for new Wellington political party
Robin Martin (RNZ): Senior jobs on line at Stratford council
Catherine Groenestein (Stuff): Senior jobs on the line as Stratford District Council restructures
Elton Rikihana Smallman (Stuff): Nation’s most populated city looks at ‘take overs’
Simon Collins (Herald): Auckland’s Safeswim abandons orange light for beach warnings
ODT: Prepare to walk
Chloe Ranford (Stuff): More iwi sought for Te Ao Māori sub-committee

CTV building collapse, Canterbury quakes
Colin Williscroft (Stuff): Court OKs disciplinary action against CTV engineering firm boss Alan Reay
Kurt Bayer (Herald): CTV Building: Engineering NZ vows to reopen case against CTV Building after latest ruling
Rachel Graham (RNZ): Investigation into CTV building engineer to be reopened
John Mccrone (Stuff): Looking for the lessons: Earthquake Symposium has messages for the country

Privacy Commission
Stuff: Govt employee snoops on neighbour’s file 73 times, and adds bad stuff
Stuff: Privacy commissioner’s office blocks calls of vexatious complainer

Stats NZ
Ele Ludemann: Christian privilege?
Point of Order: How happy-clappy statisticians figure out if we are privileged

Primary industries
No Right Turn: Same old same old
RNZ: Mushroom farm draws dozens of complaints for smell

Andrea Vance (Stuff): Mark Berry: Consumers’ dragon or paper tiger?
RNZ: 400 submissions made on scope of state child abuse inquiry
RNZ: Birth parents win case against whāngai in court
Joe Rozencwajg (Stuff): Euthanasia: I’ve watched too many patients suffer, it’s time to end that pain
Virginia Larson (North & South): Editorial: Ditch the intergenerational housing blame game, and focus on some home truths
Bridget Tunnicliffe (RNZ): Survey shows sports clubs in fight for survival
Stuff: NZ Post branches are closing because they just aren’t used enough, says MP
Paula Tesoriero (Herald): Human rights declaration relevant as ever at 70
1News: Investigation finds Sir Ray Avery Foundation complying with law after LifePod complaints
1News: Bad Taste Food Awards: Consumer NZ calls out our food companies over ‘misleading’ claims
RNZ: Ngāpuhi hapū reject Treaty of Waitangi proposal
Nikki Mandow (Newsroom): Law society building stoush: voting system full of holes
Grant Shimmin (Stuff): The week in good news
Tess Brunton (RNZ): ‘Camp responsibly’ campaign aimed at overseas tourists
RNZ: Tourism spending hits new record
George Block (ODT): Fire and Emergency NZ staff sacked for misconduct
Margaret Phillips (ODT: Meth use meeting hears of devastation in South
RNZ: Spike in email targeted cyber hacks
Martin Johnston (Herald): Auckland Māori warden who tried to bring peace to Queen St riot has died
Alice Peacock (Herald): Beauty pageants in a post #MeToo era: Empowering or tone deaf?
Māori TV: Jess Tyson named Miss Oceania 2018
Tom Dillane (Herald): Dog’s best friend Bob Kerridge on the stroke that ‘won’t stop me’ and life post-SPCA
Sam Tattersfiled (Stuff): Wellington bars and police unite on ‘Don’t Guess the Yes’ campaign