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1. SBS journalist Stefan Armbruster frames a colourful Kanak flag shot on referendum day. Image: David Robie

2. The France TV – representing six channels – outside broadcast vehicle set up at the French High Commission in Noumea. Image: David Robie/PMC

3. Premiere TV, the local offshoot of the French public broadcaster. Image: David Robie/PMC

4. Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes, the territory’s only daily newspaper. Image: David Robie/PMC

5. University of New Caledonia, referendum broadcast headquarters for the new “people’s” Caledonia TV. Image: David Robier/PMC

6. Caledonia TV presenter Elise Washeline. Image: David Robie/PMC

7. Graphics team for Caledonia TV. The referendum set screen is in the background. Image: David Robie/PMC

8. Caledonia TV reporter Duke Menango. Part of his journalism training was in New Zealand.

9. Police do an ID check for Caledonie TV’s Margot Bantegny at the High Commission. Image: David Robie/PMCMargot Bantegny

10. SBS World News reporter Stefan Armbruster sets up his camera at the Noumea Hôtel de Ville on referendum day. Image: David Robie/PMC

11. Stefan Armbruster (right) and Christophe Mallet interview the first person to vote at the Noumea Hôtel de Ville. Image: David Robie/PMC

12. SBS live cross from Noumea to Australia in the Hôtel de Ville polling station with Christophe Mallet (camera) and Stefan Armbruster. Image: David Robie/PMC

13. Stefan Armbruster and Christophe Mallet (with microphone) check their messages. Image: David Robie/PMC

14. Pro-independence Radio Djiido chief editor Romain Hmeun at the Noumea Hôtel de Ville polling centre. Image: David Robie/PMC

15. Brandy Tevero (left) and chief editor Mike Leyral of Tahiti Nui TV. Image: David Robie/PMC

16. Christophe Mallet interviews Boris Ajapuhnya for SBS French radio. Image: David Robie/PMC

17. The Kiwi contingent – PMC’s director David Robie (left) and Walter Zweifel of Radio NZ Pacific.

18. Stefan Armbruster and Christophe Mallet sitting on the steps of an outbuilding at the French High Commission editing a package for SBS TV News. Image: David Robie/PMC

19. Editing the SBS TV News package. Image: David Robie/PMC

20. FLNKS official Victor Tutugoro talks to media outside the FLNKS headquarters. Image: David Robie/PMC

21. Bag security check for journalists at the French High Commission filmed by a Tokyo TV cameraman. Image: David Robie/PMC.

22. High Commission security guard does a sound check with a RNZ Pacific microphone. Image: David Robie/PMC

23. Escorted up the “back door” driveway to the French High Commission. Gendarmes and Imagesecurity on alert in the gardens. David Robie/PMC

24. Ready to roll … recorders and live feeds about to screen the formal announcement of referendum results. Image: David Robie/PMC

25. Referendum Control Commission president Francis Lamy announcing the results. Image: David Robie/PMC

26. Francis Lamy talks to the press after the formal announcement. Image: David Robie/PMC

27. Waiting for French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe at the French High Commission. Image: David Robie/PMC

28. Still waiting … for the French PM, arriving from Vietnam for just a day. Image: David Robie/PMC

29. French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe addresses New Caledonians on national TV. Image: David Robie/PMC

30. PMC’s David Robie at Tontouta airport on the way back to New Zealand. Image: David Robie/PMC

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