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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – July 2 2018 – Today’s content Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. [caption id="attachment_297" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.[/caption] Families Package takes effect Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Families welcome boost to incomes but Govt will learn that voters bank the wins fast Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Govt’s families package takes effect: ‘Step in the right direction’ Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): How today’s families package will work Herald: Watch: Jacinda Ardern shares video holding Neve, talking on family package Stuff: New mum Jacinda Ardern’s families package message from her couch Newshub: Jacinda Ardern, baby in hand, shares ‘a few thoughts from the couch’ Damien Grant (Stuff): Nanny state insulates us from the consequences of failure Lucy Bennett (Herald): Government’s Families Package takes effect today: More cash for families Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Cautious optimism as New Zealand families get boost to pay packets RNZ: Watch: Simon Bridges on govt’s families package Newshub: ‘Poor’ spending choices in Govt’s families package – National Newshub: Pay boost for care and support workers Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): Latest pensioner payment brings means testing back into focus Point of Order: Dance lightly, Mr Seymour – and don’t tread on the Govt’s toes over power-bill relief Primary industries Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Shocking’ find of hundreds of dead cows and calves in offal pit on Northland farm RNZ: Checkpoint: Cow beating: Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor admits initial MPI response ‘not good enough’ Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Cow beating video prompts Green Party push for stock monitoring cameras Gary Orr (Newsroom): Animal welfare complex and demanding: MPI Herald: Call for CCTV cameras in dairy sheds and slaughterhouses Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Animal welfare activists demand cameras in every milking shed Farah Hancock (Newsroom): Search launched on cow abuse farm Newshub: Northland farmer who beat cows loses his job Herald: Cow abuse on Northland farm: Owners speak out Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Farm owners stop cow abuser from working with animals unsupervised Jayne Marshall (Stuff): NZ’s animal welfare is a disgrace Cleo Fraser (Newshub): Kiwifruit growers hope High Court ruling is a wakeup call for MPI RNZ: Kiwifruit growers on MAF PSA finding: ‘You went from hero to zero’ RNZ: High Court partially upholds kiwifruit PSA claim Cleo Fraser (Newshub): Government could have to pay out hundreds of millions to kiwifruit growers Jacinda Ardern and Farming Leaders Group (Stuff): Farming leaders on board with zero carbon policy Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Farmers on zero carbon: let’s do this Melissa Clark-Reynolds (Spinoff): Why there’s no rural-urban divide when it comes to caring about our environment Andrea Vance (Stuff): Farmer says OIO decision unfair after it blocks sale of his $20m M. bovis farm Police, justice and crime RNZ: Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis changes inmate forecast comments RNZ: Minister hadn’t seen inmate forecast before Waikeria decision MIchael Daly and Laura Walters (Stuff): Minister unaware of prison population projections when Waikeria decision made Audrey Young (Herald): Simon Bridges says scale-back of Waikeria prison flies in the face of latest prison projections RNZ: Recruitment campaign producing results for Corrections Jared Savage (Herald): Deputy Commissioner Wally Haumaha apologises to Louise Nicholas for comments Matt Stewart (Stuff): Winston Peters says inquiry to be held into appointment of top cop Wally Haumaha Emma Hurley (Newshub): Government to hold inquiry into Wally Haumaha appointment RNZ: Police deputy commissioner ‘unreservedly apologises’ for Louise Nicholas remarks Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): New top cop apologises for comments about Louise Nicholas Kirsty Johnston (Herald): Deputy police commissioner should apologise for rape comments – survivor agency No Right Turn: A shameful appointment Laura Tupou (Newshub): NZ Police reject former cop’s MYRIVR social services app Newshub: New Zealand policeman explains heartwarming graduation engagement Hannah Bartlett (Stuff): Review pending for clogged Family Court Giles Dexter (Newshub): New Lower Hutt café Trade School Kitchen helping ex-prisoners rebuild their lives Joel Ineson (Stuff): First women’s rehab service to address urgent need Herald Editorial: We must keep the heat on cocaine shipments Sam Hurley (Herald): Big Read: Customs targets Mexican cartels with Budget funds Herald: Crown seizes $314,000 in assets from Palmerston North drug syndicate Media and broadcasting Mark Jennings (Newsroom): Watch out TV3 – and TVNZ Colin Peacock (RNZ): Media looks for meaning in Campbell career move Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): TVNZ on Campbell: Timing of his hire a coincidence Toby Manhire (Spinoff): With John Campbell the latest, biggest name to quit, what’s going on at RNZ? Damien Venuto (Herald): John Campbell’s return to the beat leaves presenter-shaped hole in RNZ’s video ambitions Tim Murphy (Newsroom): MediaRoom: Who could replace John Campbell Stuff: Checkpoint without John Campbell: Who will take over RNZ’s flagship show?  James Croot (Stuff): Why John Campbell’s move is great news (and current affairs) for TVNZ Dani McDonald (Stuff): John Campbell’s career: From Sparky Plug to RNZ, Three and back again. Now onward to TVNZ RNZ: Broadcaster John Campbell to leave RNZ Jeremy Rose (RNZ): Mediawatch: The battle for hearts and minds on our op-ed pages Laura Walters (Stuff): Winston Peters and media need to check their baggage at the door Heather du Plessis-Allan (Herald): Baiting Winston Peters gets us nowhere Jeremy Rose (RNZ): Mediawatch: Filling a news vacuum with political “comedy” (audio) John Gibb (ODT): Pressure on Pacific journalists Jack van Beynen (Stuff): In A Flash: Film upsets family of killed Elim student International relations and trade Audrey Young (Herald): Winston Peters calls for bold thinking about an independent foreign policy in 2018 Richard Harman (Politik): The Chinese puzzle – what Peters didn’t say Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): NZ must strengthen voice in Asia-Pacific: Peters Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Rethinking the US view of China Sri Krishnamurthi (Evening Report): Where in the world is the Pacific? NZ researchers talk strategy reset RNZ: NZ’s foreign minister announces next steps in ‘Pacific reset’ aid strategy Shamubeel Eaqub (Stuff): Forces of nationalism a spoke in the wheels of trade Andrea Vance (Stuff): Former US official dismisses fear of New Zealand forced out of Five Eyes over China ties Siah Hwee Ang (Stuff): China’s Belt and Road initiative is more than merely infrastructure Matthew Rosenberg, Sara Meij and Andre Chumko (Stuff): KIWI Act passes in US Senate, paving way to reopening doors to skilled NZ migrants Laura Walters (Stuff): NZ, UK call for accountability in chemical weapon attacks RNZ: NZ, Hawaii and Rapa Nui admitted to Polynesian Leaders Group AP: Plain packaging for cigarettes doesn’t break trade rules – WTO Immigration and migrant exploitation Peter Dunne (Newsroom): NZ’s hypocrisy on family reunifications Stacey Kirk and Laura Walters (Stuff): NZ meets ‘minimum standards’ on human trafficking but US calls for tougher penalities RNZ: Record turn out for residency ballot Employment Tania Page (1News): The Working Poor: In a job, but unable to make ends meet RNZ: Call for employers to support and include older workers Mānia Clarke (Māori TV): Hard-working kuia supports Ageing Workforce strategy Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): If more money has been found for the nurses, unions will take the hint Oliver Lewis (Stuff): Nurses’ strike called off after district health boards improve offer RNZ: Nurses union calls off first strike after new offer from DHBs Isaac Davison (Herald): First of two nurses’ strikes called off Emma Hurley and Laura Macdonald (Newshub): Nurses call off planned July 5 strike after new offer Charlotte Graham-McLay (Noted): As the nurses’ strike goes down to the wire, a staff survey reveals key concerns Tom Pullar-Strecker (RNZ): Inland Revenue contact centre workers thought contracts were ‘a joke’ Newshub: Warehouse accused of swapping ‘Kiwi values’ for ‘Walmart morals’ John Minton (Daily Blog): Semi-hysterical bosses show government is on the right track Anuja Nadkarni (Stuff): What it’s like working through the night, in the fading 24-hour industry RNZ: Govt to collect workplace sexual harassment data Frances Cook (Herald): DHB admin staff flashmob for pay equity Katie Scotcher (RNZ): Being an intelligent woman of colour is a curse – NZ-born Fijian lawyer Holly Ryan (Herald): Law profession has widest gender pay gap: YUDU survey Business Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Business returns to fighting the same old fight Richard Wagstaff (Stuff): The views of business matter, but they are not a magic guide to the economy Point of Order: CTU economist shakes the confidence we place in confidence surveys Bryan Gould: Business confidence – or confidence trick? Chris Trotter: The Strike That Labour Fears Most John Armstrong (1News): Ardern’s baby leave gives her time to give serious thought to Labour’s ‘cannot be bothered’ attitude to business sector John Roughan (Herald): Striking state servants will be chilling business confidence Anuja Nadkarni (Stuff): Industries making soaring returns on assets, highest since global financial crisis Joshua Hitchcock (Spinoff): What the new year holds for Māori business Brian Gaynor (Herald): Bring greater diversity to the boardroom Sam Hurley (Herald): NZ banks, finance and law firms now liable under new money laundering laws Gareth Vaughan (Interest): ‘Almost completely useless’ – excluding trusts from beneficial ownership regime Government Audrey Young (Herald): David Parker emerges with reputation not just intact but enhanced Diana Wichtel (LIstener): Jacinda Ardern had a baby – and Mike Hosking had kittens Van Badham (Guardian): Jacinda Ardern is the very hero the global left needs right now 1News: Inside Parliament: Government now ‘coming to grips’ with reality of being in power (video) No Right Turn: The Minister for Open Government strikes again! Steve Braunias (Herald): Secret Diary of The Prime Minister Andrew Gunn (Stuff): Winston Peters given the keys to Beehive’s cellar of secret X-files Angela Barnett (Stuff): Why did baby Neve get Clarke’s surname? Parliament Stuff: Below the Beltway: David Seymour’s loss is a win; Winston Peters chalks up a worthy week 1News: Watch: Meet the Wellington band made up of MPs – from both Labour and National Audrey Malone (Stuff): KFC, babies, and tax – the new political podcast ‘Authorised By’ Claire Trevett (Herald): David Seymour’s post-Dancing with the Stars kindness, sunshine, and light Audrey Malone (Stuff): Dancing With The Stars’ David Seymour: The ‘sex symbol for awkward sex’ Herald: Simon Bridges finishes a public meeting by shredding the drums Retirement RNZ: ‘Generation KiwiSaver’: Retirement reimagined Tamsyn Parker (Herald): Force us to save more, Kiwi millennials tell Government Chief Science Advisor 1News: ‘It is safe’ – Sir Peter Gluckman says no significant ecological or health concerns in genetic modification 1News: Conversation needed around the way NZ penalises criminals – Sir Peter Gluckman RNZ: Sir Peter Gluckman: Meth fiasco shows science advisors crucial RNZ: Saturday Morning: Sir Peter Gluckman ends role of Chief Science Advisor (audio) Newshub: Incoming Chief Scientific Advisor says independence of her role is ‘critical’ Newshub: Interview: Juliet Gerrard (video) Health Herald Editorial: Health targets need to be published Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Removal of health targets removes power from patients and public Oliver Lewis (Stuff): Big private surgery bill after hospital delays Tess Brunton (RNZ): Roxburgh Children’s village shuts after social service funding runs dry for Stand Rachael Kelly (Southland Times): ‘Dear Jacinda: please keep our maternity centre open’ Andrew Owen (Stuff): Supreme Court decision on fluoride in water is welcomed Don Rowe (Spinoff): Meet the NZ ad guru who wants to fix weed’s PR problem ODT: Call to change health funding Dave Macpherson (Daily Blog): Mental Health Inquiry Panel visiting our towns Hadley Grace Robinson-Lewis (Daily Blog): Māori inequities in New-Zealand and the westernised health setting Euthanasia Jeremy Rees (Newsroom): Euthanasia submissions splinter over dementia Jeremy Rees (Newsroom): Assisted dying’s risk of coercion Jeremy Rees (Newsroom): Euthanasia: what the medics say Jeremy Rees (Newsroom): Doctor: let MPs or mayors end lives Jeremy Rees (Newsroom): End of Life Choice Bill: what does it say? Sexual assault and harrassment Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): New Zealand: majority of callers to new sexual harm helpline are teenage girls Georgina Campbell (Herald/Newstalk ZB):Speaking Secrets: Louise Nicholas ‘petrified’ visiting police college Herald: Up to 17 formal complaints believed made to Law Society after Russell McVeagh sex claims Sam Huggard (CTU): Missing in action – how men can stop sexual violence at work Transport and road safety Jared Nicoll (Stuff): Transmission Gully motorway looks likely to be user-pays after Labour shifts gears on tolling Simon Wilson (Herald): The fuss about fuel taxes and the next big transport debate RNZ: Explainer: How the fuel tax will affect Aucklanders Tom Furley (RNZ): Truck drivers told to avoid refuelling in Auckland Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): Auckland regional fuel tax will raise millions per month but consumers will pay Newshub: ‘They didn’t think about families’: New fuel tax affects single income households Newshub: Spend fuel tax money on cheaper trains, not trams – lobby group RNZ: Business frustrated with Auckland road project delays in face of fuel tax RNZ: Auckland drivers queue for fuel ahead of tax RNZ: Alcohol breathalysers now mandatory for repeat offenders Claire Trevett (Herald): NZ First MP wants drink-driving limits lifted again Laura Walters (Stuff): NZ First calls for repeal of lower drink-driving limits Newshub: NZ First MP wants to raise the drink driving limit Stuff: For Wellington commuters, bus is best Emma Hatton (RNZ): More cars on the road with unsafe tyres following WOF changes RNZ: Potentially dangerous airbags in twice as many cars as first thought Housing and building industry Henry Cooke (Stuff): Where KiwiBuild is at with one year to build 1000 houses Henry Cooke (Stuff): How Stuff’s KiwiBuild tracker works Mihingarangi Forbes (Newshub): Housing NZ sorry for meth evictions Mihingarangi Forbes (Newshub): One addict’s story of being evicted by Housing NZ Craig McCulloch (RNZ): Housing NZ chief executive Andrew McKenzie: Just two solo interviews in 20 months Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Buyers surge into the market before ban on foreigners bites Tim Brown (RNZ): Insight: The Cost of the Foreign Buyer Ban Tim Brown (RNZ): Foreign buyer ban scuttles Queenstown affordable homes Rob Stock (Stuff): Cost of home ownership goes through the roof Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Auckland housing consents surge, but will it last? RNZ: Abuse tagged in Blenheim emergency housing centre’s lawn Collette Devlin (Dominion Post): Changes to Wellington’s Community Action Programme for social housing concern for residents Meriana Johnsen (RNZ): NZ banks urged to offer low interest loans to eco-home builds Renee Clayton (Stuff): Herald Homes and OneRoof apologise after backlash from ‘racist’ ads Newshub: ‘Racist’ property ads boast high population of European neighbours Newshub: Can prefabs solve housing crisis? Matthew Tso (Stuff): Prefabs touted as way forward in cutting housing shortage say surveyors Spinoff: The building industry should never be trusted to self-regulate International film industry subsidies Hearld Editorial: Wellywood bonanza may be an illusion Matt Nippert (Herald): Inside Wellywood: How NZ taxpayers forked out $575 million for Hollywood to film here Matt Nippert (Herald): Government mulls reining in ballooning Hollywood film subsidies Matt Nippert (Herald): How Power Rangers baked a Kiwi pav to win $1.6 million Matt Nippert (Herald): Taxpayers face $12.7m or higher bill for Sir Peter Jackson’s delayed WWI museum Glen McConnell (Stuff): Govt warning: Without multi-million dollar Hollywood subsidies, film work will dry up Alexia Russell (Newsroom): Show biz is big business for Auckland Deborah Hill Cone (Herald): Arts should never be underestimated Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): David Parker starts moving chess pieces in looming LOTR/Hobbit Law backlash Mike Hosking (Herald): Wellywood film subsidies worth every cent Education Audrey Young (Herald): Education Minister Chris Hipkins will consider extension to NCEA review if four months isn’t enough RNZ: Minister ‘disappointed’ by advert criticising NCEA review Newshub: Education Minister Chris Hipkins defends NCEA review process Libby Wilson (Stuff): Principals incensed over NCEA review process Chelsea Boyle (Herald): NCEA review under fire: principals give it a failing grade Newstalk ZB: Education Minister ‘disappointed’ by open letter criticising NCEA review Newshub: High school principals challenge Education Minister Chis Hipkins over NCEA review Newshub: Govt ‘not willing to listen’ to principals – National Toby Curtis (Herald): Stop callous removal of our partnership schools Cherie Howie (Herald): Fewer kids are walking and biking to school – an AA survey tells us why Newshub: Why parents don’t let their kids walk to school anymore Sarah Robson (RNZ): Student loan cap lifted to 10 years for long courses Lucy Bennett (Herald): Government extends student loans for longer courses Laura Walters (Stuff): Medical students set to benefit from student loan cap changes Dominion Post Editorial: Expansion in times of contraction Paul Barkle (Infometrics): Tertiary education: changes needed now Child welfare 1News: Exclusive: ‘The system broke me’ says carer forced to give up foster parenting Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Exclusive: An estimated 1000 babies go unregistered a year in NZ Environment and conservation Conan Young (RNZ): Plastic waste major threat to NZ seabirds Sophie Bateman (Newshub): NZ oceans world’s worst for birds eating plastic Herald: Seabird species at greatest risk from discarded plastic in NZ seas, conservationists say Taranaki Daily News Editorial: Plastic bottles will soon follow plastic bags Andrea Vance (Stuff): Government minister Meka Whaitiri not welcome on Bay of Plenty island John Boynton (RNZ): Great Barrier locals protest poison drop on Rakitū Tracy Neal (RNZ): Trapping course launched as part of predator free goal Eric Frykberg (RNZ): ‘Work to be done’ on legitimising feral cat culls – Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage 1News: Should Kiwis get preferential treatment over tourists for booking our Great Walks Newshub: New species, the Whenua Hou diving petrel, discovered near Stewart Island Newshub: Great white sharks now ‘threatened’ in New Zealand Meriana Johnsen (RNZ): Tolaga Bay forestry slash: Cleanup to take up to year, Forestry Owners Association calls for mill Gerard Hindmarsh (Stuff): Is the hunt for oil contributing to Farewell Spit whale strandings? Joanne Carroll (Stuff): Urgent calls for plastics ban, as recycling and composting plants run out of space Rebecca Moore (Stuff): Internationally-renowned Kiwis back voyage to raise awareness of plastic polluting oceans Defence Jonathan Milne (SST): Join the army, see the world! The police, for better work stories! Andrea Vance (Stuff): The Defence Force goes to war on Hit and Run graffiti RNZ: Council removes graffiti critical of Defence Force Phil Pennington (RNZ): Defence downplays foam risk at Whenuapai RNZ: Pōwhiri welcomes Air Marshal Kevin Short as Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant-General Tim Keating steps down Consumer finance and protection Catriona MacLennan (Newsroom): Loan sharks – the time has come Newshub: Interview: Kris Faafoi (video) ODT Editorial: Stopping predatory behaviour Rob Stock (Stuff): Projects to develop te reo Māori money words and resources Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): No accountability when local numbers used for scam calls Kurt Bayer (Herald): More Kiwi investors come forward fearing life-savings lost in suspected global scam Local government ODT Editorial: Consequences of council spending Mike Lee (Daily Blog): Secret reports – plausible denial: Auckland Council’s Winter of Discontent David Fisher (Herald): Mr Marina says access to waterfront will improve after land sales Tracy Neal (RNZ): Tasman Council plans $6.5m hydroelectric power plant Gender and sexuality 1News: Wellington transgender woman denied membership at female gym speaks to Q+A 1News: ‘I want to stand as a tane’ – South Auckland twins challenge traditional gender roles in kapa haka Brad Flahive (Stuff): Concerns detailed in collective letter to LGBTI Awards Emma Hurley (Newshub): Labour MP Tamati Coffey wants Minister for rainbow issues NZ Anthem Paul Little (Herald): Put our national anthem out of its misery Ellen O’Dwyer (Stuff): Anthem girls say singing at All Blacks game would be the ‘ultimate honour’ Matariki Newshub: Matariki kicks off with epic haka Herald: Watch: Auckland Harbour Bridge lights up with special display to celebrate Matariki The Spinoff TV: Let’s market Matariki! Other RNZ: Checkpoint: MPI, MSD botch Thompson and Clark OIA George Block (ODT): Kiwibank asked to reconsider — Peters Paula Penfold and Eugene Bingham (Stuff): Z Energy data breach: Minister Clare Curran alerted last year Nicholas Jones (Herald): Concern forced adoption inquiry in ‘too hard’ basket Dale Husband (E-Tangata): Leonie Pihama: Let’s start by returning the Waitara land Thomas Mead (Newshub): Work to reinstate the ChristChurch Cathedral to begin by end of July RNZ: Christ Church cathedral works set to begin Evan Harding (Southland Times): Three ‘terrifying’ CBD buildings still tenanted Newshub: How does the tourism industry feel about the Govt’s border tax? Belinda McCammon (RNZ): ‘We’ve got to raise our game all the time’ – tourism boss Jeremy Rose (RNZ): Mediawatch: Graphing New Zealand in 40,000 charts Cherie Howie (Herald): The forgotten ‘First Baby’ of New Zealand: Huia Onslow, the 19th century son of New Zealand Governor William Hillier Onslow]]>