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The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Pasifika Voices group have secured a contract to feature on the soundtrack of the much anticipated Hollywood Disney animation, Moana.

The choir which includes members from Fiji and the Solomon Islands is led by well-known performing arts creative, Igelese Et, who is also the Head of Performing Arts at the USP Oceania Centre in Suva.

An elated Ete said this contract is a feat of great magnitude and acknowledgement to the talents of the people of the Pacific.

“It is fair to say that a Hollywood Disney animation is the ‘olympics’ of the entertainment world,” he said.

The choir will attend the global premiere of Moana in November-“rumour has it the Hollywood megastar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be attending,” Ete said.

The director of Moana has called the Pasifika Voices (pictured above) “incredible”. Image: USP



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