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Across the Ditch: Peter Godfrey of Australia’s radio and’s Selwyn Manning deliver their weekly Across the Ditch bulletin. This week they discuss how concerns have arisen in New Zealand over the UK changing its immigration rules for non-EU migrants, requiring individuals to now earn more than 35,000 Pounds per annum. There are concerns that nurses and teachers working in the UK will fall below the income cap and may need to return to New Zealand. Also discussed, New Zealand gets to decide on the preferred flag on March 3, the choice is between the current New Zealand Flag and the alternative Blue-White and Black flag that was the popular choice in the preliminary vote in late 2015. The two flags will both fly on the Auckland Harbour Bridge from Friday January 22. And Peter and Selwyn wrap up this week’s bulletin with a tribute to Glenn Frey of the Eagles, who passed away this week aged 67 years. Across the Ditch broadcasts live on Australia’s radio and was recorded live on 21/01/16 and can be accessed on demand on, and Foreign]]>



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