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Professor Jane Kelsey. Professor Jane Kelsey.[/caption]‘We are told they may be close to reaching a final deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) in Atlanta, and longer monopolies for Big Pharma over biologic medicines is the final sticking point’, according to Professor Jane Kelsey, who is in touch with people on the ground in Atlanta. The US is insisting on eight years total monopoly protection. Several countries are holding firm. But there are real fears New Zealand could cave. [caption id="attachment_7208" align="alignright" width="150"]Trade Minister Tim Groser. Trade Minister Tim Groser.[/caption]Trade Minister Groser is quoted in this morning’s Herald as saying every country will have to swallow multiple dead rats to finalise the deal in an ‘ugly compromise’. ‘In New Zealand’s case, the dead rat seems to be a dairy for medicines deal’, said Professor Kelsey. ‘If this happens, we can expect the Minister to hail the “net benefits” of the TPPA to New Zealand, playing up supposed gains to dairy exports that remain to be seen, and playing down New Zealand’s agreement to longer monopoly protection for biologics.’ ‘But the stark reality is that any such deal to close the TPPA would cost New Zealander’s lives.’ Health economists calculate that every added year of protection for biologics would cost New Zealand many tens of millions of dollars in current spending, and much more in the future as more biologics come on stream. ‘Future New Zealand governments would have to stump up hundreds of millions of dollars more to Pharmac. Yet this year the National government refused to fund even the modest budget increase Pharmac sought to meet rising costs.’ ‘Cancer sufferers in Atlanta described the biologics provision as a “death sentence clause”. Do Prime Minister Key and Minister Groser want that recorded as their legacy?’ –]]>


  1. Neither of them care a single jot. Ordinary citizens are about as visible as Syrian citizens, and of no more value to these globalists. Groser will use it as a bargaining chip to keep the governments traditional support happy. They’re not about good government, they’re about staying in power on behalf of who they represent. Low income people dying is just collateral damage … it’s their own fault for being poor.

  2. Do Prime Minister Key and Minister Groser want that recorded as their legacy?’ Key has obviously now thrown away his single strand of wisdom and is going for the “Worst Prime Minster Ever Prize” as he seems to have a big chip on his shoulder about not being born rich. Groser seems to be just gong for another notch in his belt, his signature on the deal, being there at the bitter end.


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