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By Shayal Devi in Suva

Fiji’s Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has hinted at the possibility of establishing a government of national unity, which — if it happens — would be a monumental change in Fiji’s current political scene.

Responding to questions yesterday, Rabuka also asserted that current issues within the FijiFirst Party would not have any impact on the parliamentary proceedings leading up to the National Budget day on June 28.

“No, it will not, we will just go ahead as normal and we play it as we see the Members of Parliament sitting at the time,” Rabuka said.

“I feel sad for them [FijiFirst] but if that becomes reality, we have a plan to talk to the remaining Members of Parliament.”

When asked if he would consider forming a government of national unity, Rabuka said this was a “very strong possibility”.

“With the issues of constitution change, national reconciliation and those things coming up, we will need across the floor cooperation,” he said.

He also said any possibility of amending the 2013 Constitution must be done according to “proper processes”.

‘It’ll have to go to the people’
“We can only do what the Parliament is authorised to do by the Constitution and that is to start the process, but it’ll have to go to the people.”

Rabuka also said he had respected the integrity of FijiFirst and had not tried to break into their unity.

“Not me. If the need arises, we will talk to them.

“The opening address by His Excellency the President at the beginning of this [Parliament] session indicated that we would like to take a national approach to most of the national problems.

“I have not thought about terminating anybody at this point.”

The PM also appealed to the people to stay calm amid what was happening.

“MPs remain confident in the processes, in the constitutional requirements that govern the country,” Rabuka said.

Shayal Devi is a Fiji Times reporter. Republished with permission.

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