1. Manning – Why did you remove those brilliant comments that were under this article?

    Who pressured you and why?

    You claim that we will read the other side of these stories here but are you manipulating the media and keeping the truths from us by deleting those valuable comments?

    Which politicians are feeling threatened? Which pro-TPPA men are trying to control what we do and do not read ?
    We the public need to hear the truths about this TPPA and for you to cancel those comments shows that you may ( ? ) have a compromised website here and a media that is being controlled. No disrespect intended, we are just concerned and would like some truthful answers.

    Please add back the comments as a few of them were outstanding writing and we would like to read them again and forward them on to many others who are interested.

  2. As I am mentioned in reply to your other comment… No comments were deleted as you presume. In short, I do not know what you are talking about. You should get your facts straight before accusing people of bowing to pressure. Frankly, your assertions are offensive.

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