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...it's good for your mind and spirit to make some time to just think about things...

…in our busy modern (important) lives, we sometimes forget how good it is to just…think about things…and reap the benefits of that

i know i feel better, positive, inspired when i’ve had time to reflect on things…

… the liberation of iraq and afghanistan and the new life those people have, the help we currently give the people of syria, improving the standard of palestinian living,  dealing with boat people in the med and the south pacific in a friendly way, the stability of libya and david cameron thoughtfully reminding us that the “root cause of the problem” is something other than NATO bombing the crap out of the place and the death of gaddafi, people being comfortable living in garages in christchurch and auckland, the “benefits” of the TPPA,  $4 quadrillion of derivatives hanging over the banking system, the US going from $1 trillion to $5 trillion cash in circulation since 2009, greece having the books in order…fukushima being totally sorted

…aaahhh…breath…that’s better isn’t it?

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