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New Zealand Report: Govt Overly Sensitive to China Backlash + Batchelorette’s Poop Moment – Recorded LIVE on 8/05/15 on FiveAA.com.au Australia’s breakfast show with Jane Reilly, Dave Penberthy, and Mark Aiston. ITEM ONE: New Zealand’s foreign affairs minister is being strongly criticised for attempting to stop members of Parliament and public officials from attending Falun Gong celebrations. The Government is concerned diplomats from the People’s Republic of China would be angered should New Zealand’s elected representatives make an appearance at the Falun Gong event. Foreign affairs minister Murray McCully’s office mistakenly sent an email to all parliamentarians… a message intended for National Party MPs and ministers… In the email McCully asserted that MPs, ministers, and officials boycott Falun Gong commemorations on May 13. The email read:

    “The Chinese Embassy is likely to monitor attendance at events and can be expected to protest officially should Ministers, Members of Parliament or other officials be present … Given the sensitivities of this event, [the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’] advice is Ministers and MPs should not attend World Falun Dafa Day events.”
Labour’s spokesperson for foreign affairs, David Shearer, said: “It is outrageous to warn MPs off from attending events. It should not be dictated to by Murray McCully and his ministry because they feel it might upset another country.” The New Zealand Herald quoted the New Zealand Falun Dafa Association as cautioning the Government that New Zealand is “in danger of becoming nothing more than a subservient colonial outpost of the Chinese Communist Party.” The issue demonstrates how sensitive the National-led Government is toward upsetting the Chinese diplomats, especially after New Zealand’s spy agency, the GCSB was last month found to have been electronically spying on Chinese officials and other governments in South East Asia. Since early April New Zealand diplomats and a long line of government ministers have visited China in an attempt to salvage good relations. ITEM TWO: The hapless Batchelor, Art Green, has finally… finally made a match. You may remember some weeks ago we reported how New Zealand’s version of The Batchelor programme was hitting a wall. Three batchellorettes walked out on the show rather than accept a rose from poor ole Art. Since then, Art has had a bit of luck, but not without challenges. He took the last two contestants to Australia, while visiting a zoo, Matilda, the remaining potential mate, decided to cuddle a Koala… She looked up into Art’s eyes and decided this was the moment to confess her love for the once luckless Art. Right on cue the Koala pooped on her bare belly button! Who would have thought The Batchelor would be so entertaining…. New Zealand Report broadcasts live on Friday mornings on FiveAA Australia‘s breakfast show, and webcasts on EveningReport.nz, LiveNews.co.nz, and ForeignAffairs.co.nz.]]>



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