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Evening Report – Episode 5, May 7, 2015: Cross to Iraq to speak with peace activist Harmeet Sooden. Host: Selwyn Manning Duration: 25.03 minutes. Peace activist Harmeet Sooden recently travelled to Iraq to take part in a humanitarian effort, working with people in refugee camps in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. You will remember Harmeet Sooden. On November 26, 2005 he was kidnapped in Baghdad and held hostage with three other members of the Christian Peacemaker Team. On March 9, 2006… fellow hostage… CPT worker and US citizen… Tom Fox was murdered, presumably by their captives. On March 23, 2006, Harmeet Sooden and two others were released. As I mentioned, Harmeet is back in Iraq and is with us now… QUESTIONS: What are your observations in Iraq… your first impressions? And since you arrived, have your first impressions changed? What have you seen and heard since you first arrived? What are the big issues for the people in the Kurdistan region of Iraq? What are the challenges confronting the civilian population and those living in refugee camps? Are there solutions to the challenges these people face? If so, what are the solutions? What do the local people want to happen… do they want the international community to increase the military response, or do they want an alternative approach, if so, what is that approach? What is the security situation like for CPT and other aid or humanitarian workers working in the region? Is there evidence of an ISIS presence in the region where you are working, if so, please describe it, if not, do the locals fear ISIS infiltration or do they feel ISIS’s strength is weakening? UNSC New Zealand’sMoment to shine… Also NZ Herald’s Dita Di Boni… Do you feel the New Zealand Government has used its position on the UNSC adequately? –]]>



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