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COMMENTARY: By Antoinette Lattouf

Sorry Palestinian women and children. It seems Australia’s leading women’s media company has more pressing issues to cover than the seemingly endless human rights atrocities committed against you.

It’s been seven months of almost complete silence from Mamamia and their most popular writers and podcast hosts.

I’ve respected and appreciated their work in the past, which is why it’s truly disheartening to see.

Mamamia Out Loud has found time and scope to speak about me personally in two recent episodes (both sadly devoid of context and riddled with inaccuracies) yet can’t seem to find the words to report on or reflect on the man made famine in Gaza.

The murdered and orphaned children. The women having c-sections with no anaesthesia. The haunting screams from mothers hugging their lifeless babies bodies for the last time.

Faux feminism? Or is it all still “too complex”? I can’t answer that, except to say it’s dispiriting and disappointing to witness given Mamamia’s tagline.

What we’re talking about
Because Gaza is what millions of Australian women “are actually talking about”. It’s what’s waking countless Australian women up at night. It’s what’s making Australian women tremble in tears watching children’s body parts dug out from beneath the rubble.

Mamamia’s audience is being let down, they deserve better.

As for the innocent women and girls of Palestine — tragically “let down” doesn’t even begin to describe it. They deserve so much more.

I’m utterly heartbroken witnessing such disregard for their lives.

So I fixed the Mamamia headline in the above photo.

Antoinette Lattouf is an Australian-Lebanese journalist, host, author and diversity advocate. She has worked with a range of mainstream media, and as a social commentator for various online and broadcast publications. This commentary was first published on her Facebook page.

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