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Hundreds of people holding empty plates gathered in central Auckland today demanding the New Zealand government call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Protesters at Aotea Square said the empty dinner-plates were to raise awareness for those going hungry within the warzone.

A dozen police officers watched over the protest on Saturday afternoon, to ensure it was peaceful.

Families, children and iwi attended the protest, with tamariki leading the chant asking for a ceasefire.

As war continues in Gaza, The UN Security Council has called for an immediate ceasefire and international agencies have called on Israel to do more to prevent serious food shortages affecting the population within Gaza.

The Israel-Gaza war began following an attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on southern Israeli killing 1139 civilians, soldiers and police last October 7, with Israel responding with six months of air strikes and ground forces.

The conflict has displaced most of the 2.3 million population of Gaza within its boundaries.

New Zealanders who have tried to send food aid into Gaza say it has been a struggle to get it to its destination.

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