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Two of the global Freedom Flotilla ships are being prepared in Turkey and almost ready for the upcoming humanitarian mission to Gaza.

It is expected that the flotilla will include a New Zealand medical team.

Kia Ora Gaza is a member of the international Freedom Flotilla Coalition — a grassroots solidarity movement of different campaigns and activists across the world who are working together to end the “illegal and inhumane” Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

“With the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the increased violence against all Palestinians living under Israeli oppression and occupation, our work is now more important than ever,” said Roger Fowler, a founder and facilitator of Kia Ora Gaza.

Since forming in 2010, Kia Ora Gaza has successfully participated in six non-violent direct challenges to the Israeli siege of Gaza:

  • Lifeline to Gaza land convoy (2010)
  • Miles of Smiles land convoy (2012)
  • Research visit (2012)
  • Freedom Flotilla 3 to Gaza (2015)
  • Women’s Boat to Gaza (2016)
  • Right to a Just Future for Palestine (2018)

“This year we are again joining with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition and the Save Gaza Campaign and planning three separate actions that will deliver much needed humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip,” said Fowler.

“We’ll also be challenging the illegal Israeli blockade and siege of the enclave.”

"Where our governments fail, we sail"
“Where our governments fail, we sail” . . . a message from a Canadian member of the Freedom Flotilla. Image: Kia Ora Gaza
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