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PNG Post-Courier

Papua New Guinea’s chief Immigration boss Stanis Hulahau has warned all foreign nationals in the country that the office will not hesitate to detain and expel them if found engaging in criminal and illegal activities.

Chief executive Hulahau issued the stern warning to all foreign nationals in the country that there would be “no room” for foreign criminals engaging in illegal activities.

He gave this warning following a recent joint operation in Port Moresby by Immigration and police officers — based on intelligence — who arrested a foreign national, reportedly from New Zealand, for being in possession of methamphetamine implements.

The foreigner had also overstayed his visa.

Hulahau cautioned all foreign nationals residing in PNG that they must abstain from the consumption of illicit substances and refrain from engaging in criminal activities.

“I will not hesitate to detain foreigners and expel them from the country by way of deportation if your actions are a threat to national security,” Hulahau warned.

“We will not tolerate foreign criminals in Papua New Guinea.”

“I have noted an increasing number of foreign nationals being arrested and charged for consumption and being in possession of illicit drugs including methamphetamine, marijuana and related crimes including possession of illegal firearms, ammunition, operation of brothels and continuous breach of the migration and labour laws.

“I welcome foreign nationals to invest and work in the country but should you wish to abuse our laws and engage in illegal activities, I will show you the exit door,” said Hulahau.

He said ICSA (Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority) protected the borders from unscrupulous foreigners and would not hesitate to deport anyone who was formally charged by police and found guilty by a court.

Republished from the PNG Post-Courier with permission.

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