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Jayapura will once again host the sixth edition of the Papua Film Festival (FFP VI), scheduled to take place next month from August 7-9, 2023.

The festival’s central theme, “Dari Kampung Kitong Cerita” (From Our Village, We Tell Our Stories), was determined by the Papuan Voices committee.

During a press conference at the Papuan Voices secretariat in Waena, Jayapura City, festival chair Iren Fatagur revealed that the event would focus on various smaller themes, including food, social change, history and identity, local wisdom, women and children, and the negative impact of land grabbing.

The festival will encompass two main components: film screenings and workshops. The workshops will explore different approaches used by filmmakers, particularly in the form of documentary films.

Participants will gain insights into the documentary cycle, covering aspects such as expedition design and film duration.

Harun Rumbarar, head of Papuan Voices, explained that the initial plan was to hold the sixth Papua Film Festival in Wamena following the Papuan Voices 2022 Congress in Biak.

However, due to circumstances and prevailing conditions in Wamena, the decision was made to relocate the festival back to Jayapura.

Shedding light on issues
This year’s festival aims to shed light on simpler yet significant issues, focusing on cultural situations and social matters, highlighting stories from various villages.

Unlike previous editions, FFP VI will not feature a competition but will instead showcase a selection of documentary films produced by Papuan Voices. The films will be screened and followed by discussions to gather responses and insights from the audience, assessing each film’s potential and strengths.

“This year it’s more about telling the content and essence of the stories directly. Papuan Voices seeks to engage and empower local filmmakers, fostering storytelling capacities within the community,” Rumambar said.

FFP VI expects to attract many attendees, offering a platform for cultural exchange, celebration, and capacity building among film enthusiasts and creators alike.

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