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Papua New Guinea’s Sheriff Security at the Waigani Supreme and National Court have stepped up their surveillance of the court premises following this week’s lawlessness in the city.

All court users including staff and visitors will be strictly monitored, says a statement.

All hazardous and dangerous weapons like knives, pepper spray, mace, razor blades, and illegal materials will be monitored and those found in possession will be ordered to leave the court premises.

All visitors and staff will go through the normal screening process at the entrance of the court premises.

Under Section 3 of the Sheriffs’ Act, the sheriff’s primary role is to execute court orders and provide security at the court’s premises, serving documents including complaints and summonses for a fee, effecting executions, making affidavits and returns and escorting persons to court under a warrant of apprehension/by a writ of habeas corpus.

The Sheriff division is empowered by the Sheriffs’ Act.

It is one of three divisions under the judicial system and its head is the Registrar of the National and Supreme Courts.

Sheriff appointed
The Sheriff is appointed by the Head of the State and both he and his officers are responsible for enforcing judicial orders.

The current situation in the national capital of Port Moresby is a concern and the Sheriff Security officers will now be strictly enforcing the laws, rules and regulations of the organisation for the safety of judicial officers staff and infrastructure of the organisation.

Because the courthouse is accessible and in a centralised location, it is vulnerable to the acts of random violence.

There will be strict court security procedures to not only protect the safety of the people and property within and around the premises of the court, but also to protect the integrity of the judicial process.

The Sheriff Security forces will be collaborating with law enforcement offices, emergency agencies and governing bodies to protect court premises and the judicial processes.

Sheriff Security forces are recognised as an integral part of the Sheriff’s Office mission to protect citizens and officers of the court. The judicial security staff is committed to ensuring the safety of everybody who conducts the business of the court.

Court security is an essential part of the administration of justice.

Saddled with duty
The law enforcement personnel are saddled with the duty of providing security measures within the judicial premises.

The roles of court employees are complimentary to and supportive of the role of judicial officers.

The value and importance of Sheriff Security forces is a must for the organisation. Sheriff Security forces are the sentinels in the organisation.

They are the enforcers of policies and laws inside the organisation.

They are the key elements of peacekeeping inside the premises of the organisation.

They prevent threat and other crimes from happening inside the organisation.

The Sheriff Security officers are trained on how to work and interact with the public who enter the court premises.

At the same time, the Sheriff Security officers are also trained to understand the operations of the laws, rules and regulations of the organisation.

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