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The panel of judges hearing the case against a West Papuan activist accused of treason have ordered the prosecution to prioritise the defendant’s health, reports Suara Papua.

At the second hearing on Thursday when the charges were supposed to be read out against West Papua National Committee (KNPB) international spokesperson Victor Yeimo, the judges ordered the prosecution to take him to a hospital for intensive treatment because of his deteriorating health.

The first and second court hearings this week were postponed because of Yeimo’s worrying state of health and because he was unable to attend the hearing.

On Friday, Yeimo was taken to the Jayapura public hospital in Dok II for an examination and treatment.

John NR Gobay and Laurenzus Kadepan — two members of the Papua Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) — have declared that they are ready to stand as guarantors for Yeimo while he is being treated.

Papua Legal Aid Foundation (LBH) director Emanuel Gobay has also declared that he is ready to become a guarantor.

This was conveyed to the panel of judges at the Jayapura District Court on Thursday who subsequently granted the request.

Pressure from prosecutor
When contacted by Suara Papua on Friday, Gustaf Kawer, one of the members of Yeimo’s team of defence lawyers, revealed that after Yeimo had been taken to hospital there was pressure from the prosecutor who said Yeimo was not allowed to receive inpatient care.

“It is correct that Victor was taken to hospital earlier. But on the matter of inpatient care this is still being debated with the prosecutor because he doesn’t want Victor Yeimo to be treated at the Doc II hospital,” he told Suara Papua.

According to Kawer, there was a debate between Yeimo’s lawyers and the prosecutor at the hospital.

Yeimo and his lawyers wanted him to be treated at the hospital while the prosecutor did not.

Kawer said that the administrative requirements could be completed and would be handed over on Monday.

“What we are asking and urging is that Victor Yeimo’s health [be prioritised]. His state of health is not good,” Kawer aid.

‘He must be treated in hospital’
“He must be treated in a hospital. We already have the guarantors. The administrative requirements can be handed over on Monday. What we want is for Victor to be treated. Victor’s health is most important.”

A video received by Suara Papua on Friday evening shows Yeimo at the Dok II Jayapura hospital emergency unit. Several photographs received also show Yeimo being examined by a team of medics at the hospital.

Meanwhile, another video received by Suara Papua shows Yeimo debating with the authorities and the prosecutor who are insisting that Yeimo not be treated at the hospital.

Translated by James Balowski of IndoLeft News. Abridged slightly due to repetition. The original title of the article was “Victor Yeimo Dipaksa untuk Tidak Dirawat di Rumah Sakit”.

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