Live Postponed – New Time-Date To Be Announced – Buchanan and Manning on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

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Live Postponed – New Time-Date To Be Announced

A View from Afar: In this week’s podcast Selwyn Manning and Paul Buchanan discuss:

The latest information on the Israel/Palestine conflict. Also, they will discuss the underlying causes of hostilities:

What caused the most recent hostilities to flare?

Is Israel guilty of an indiscriminate and disproportionate military operations against Gaza?

Is Hamas guilty of inciting Israel to strike Gaza by shooting rockets into Israeli cities?

Israel states Hamas is responsible for its own civilian deaths (a high percentage of fatalities are Palestinian children) and that Hamas uses civilians as a shield. Is this simply spin, designed to justify disproportionate airstrikes and bombings of civilian homes, schools, medical centres, media offices?

It appears all factions and parties in Israel’s Knesset are unified and in support of its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. But are Palestinian political parties unified? Is this relevant in the current circumstances?

What about the law? Does international humanitarian law provide a framework for justice, should it be accepted that war crimes have been committed? Is it possible for victims of either side to seek recourse via the International Criminal Court (ICC)? If not, is there a body where recourse to justice can be sought?

Why is the United Nations Security Council being rendered impotent by the United States on this most serious matter?

Is there justification in claims that new US President Joe Biden is hypocritical by his accusing China of human rights abuses, while overlooking Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Territories and the removal of Palestinian families from their homes to make way for expansion of Israeli settler communities?

And what of New Zealand Government’s response so far? NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern this week called for a ceasefire from both sides and commented that while Israel has the right (like any nation) to defend itself, that the severity of its airstrikes are disproportionate to the threat from Hamas.

Where does this position lead to?

At the end of the day, children and innocent people are dying, unnecessarily. What solutions exist to stop this conflict?

At the United Nations, France is calling for a new resolution that will demand a ceasefire and also ensure humanitarian aid is able to get through Israel’s blockade and into Gaza. If successful, is this the beginning of a cooling of hostilities?


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