PODCAST: Buchanan + Manning on Political Symbolism and How to Spot It

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A View from Afar
A View from Afar
PODCAST: Buchanan + Manning on Political Symbolism and How to Spot It

A View from Afar – Selwyn Manning and Paul Buchanan debate political symbolism and discuss:

  • How governments use symbolism to accentuate intent and identity. Some of it is fact, and some of it is fiction, some of it is designed to divert attention and deceive.

In this episode Buchanan and Manning show you how to sift through the wheat from the chaff.

Manning says: “Once, former New Zealand prime minister, David Lange, told me… politics is all about theatre!

“Writer and former British intelligence officer, the late John le Carre, famously referred to government smoke and mirrors as… the ‘Theatre of the Real’.

“With this in mind, what can we make of the US-led coalition of countries that are highlighting human rights abuses inside the People’s Republic of China? What’s real, and what’s self-interest? Is it a mix of both?

“And, how does New Zealand Government, and others, handle symbolisms, real and illusion?”

Paul Buchanan also details some examples of political symbolism for us to consider.

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