LIVE VIDEO: Buchanan + Manning: White Supremacists – Has the Five-Eyes Spy Network Let Us Down?

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A View from Afar – Join Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning LIVE and keep ahead of security intelligence and foreign policy trends and issues.

This week’s episode will go LIVE Thursday, midday, NZDST (Wednesday evening 6pm USEST).

This episode’s topics:

* Terrorism and the Dark Web: White supremacists are back online and making threats. Who is keeping track of these practitioners of hate? Has the US-led Five Eyes spy network let us down?

* Rocket Lab follow-up: What did the New Zealand Government know, and not know, at the point it gave RocketLab’s March mission (with a payload of US military tracking systems) a green-light?

* Host Selwyn Manning will be joined by Paul Buchanan and Ollie Neas to discuss these issues.


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