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By RNZ Pacific

New Caledonia’s 11 newly elected ministers have again failed to elect a new president.

Like two weeks ago, none of the three candidates managed to secure the support of at least six ministers.

At today’s meeting called by the French High Commissioner Laurent Prévost, the anti-independence Future with Confidence coalition’s Thierry Santa won four votes while the two pro-independence contenders, Louis Mapou (UNI candidate) and Samuel Hnepeune I(UC-FLNKS), secured three votes each.

The Caledonia Together minister again abstained.

Without a president, the government is not properly constituted and the previous government, which fell a month ago, will remain in a caretaker capacity.

A date for another election attempt is yet to be set.

A budget needs to be passed before the end of the month for the territory to avoid being placed under French stewardship.

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