SCHEDULED LIVE: Buchanan + Manning on private enterprise and the conflict market

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A View from Afar: Thursday March 4 @ midday (NZDST / Wednesday, 6pm USEST) Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning will conduct a deep dive into the largely covert role of private enterprise in the intelligence, conflict, and war markets.

Most recently, New Zealanders discovered that its national airline had been in business with the Saudi Arabia military which has been waging war in Yemen. Air New Zealand also has contracts with five or six other countries including military entities within the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Then there’s the emergence of fully-fledged private military companies like Blackwater and a host of other businesses that operate as armies for profit. New Zealanders are involved in this global reach. They include ex-military personnel (often ex-NZ Defence Force SAS soldiers) who are involved in a network of private security companies that do VIP protection and close security abroad.

And then there’s the emergence of private intelligence companies that arguably can operate without the checks and balances applied to government intelligence agencies.

Join Buchanan and Manning LIVE to discuss this issue.


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