VIDEO: Paul G. Buchanan + Selwyn Manning Discuss: Iran & Australia Targets of a Deterioration of International Relations

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VIDEO: Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning present A View from Afar.

This week we discuss:

How around the world, in international relations, we see examples of strategic hedging, miscalculation, escalation, reputation, and face-saving.

Two of the most current examples of this are happening in the Middle East – after the killing of Iran’s leading nuclear scientist, and, in Australia – as the Peoples Republic of China towers above the US-leaning Indo-Pacific regional power after claiming Australia propagates anti-China sentiment.

* What states are behind the Iran assassination? Who benefits from this killing? How should Iran respond?

* Why is China destabilising Australia’s economic and security interests? What is China’s end game?

* Will this dangerous posturing ease in late January when US President-elect Joe Biden takes up office in the White House?

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