Evening Report LIVE: Tech Now with Sarah Putt and Selwyn Manning – Consumer Rights + Google in DoJ’s Sights + iPhone12

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Hello I’m Selwyn Manning and you are watching Tech Now.

Tonight, we are joined by technology commentator Sarah Putt to discuss some of the week’s big tech issues, including:

A new Telecommunications Commissioner started in June. And the commissioner has a big focus on telco consumer rights. We’ll talk to Sarah to see what this means for you and me.

Also, the US Government looks intent at reigning in the BIG TECH giants and is positioning to regulate the global giant Google. What is the US Justice Department’s case against Google about? And, will the new Labour-led Government also go after Google, Facebook, and other big tech platforms to capture revenue they siphon out of New Zealand?

And there’s an expensive new gadget on the way that could very easily exhaust your Christmas spending budget. The new Apple iPhone 12 will be available in November. Its selling angle is that iPhone 12 will be 5G ready. But is that just a marketing edge? Sarah has gone through the detail so we don’t have to.

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