LIVE: A View from Afar – With Paul Buchanan + Selwyn Manning – Four Weeks to the US Elections: Is its National Security in Danger?

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Welcome to Evening Report’s A View from Afar

As always, we are joined by political scientist Paul Buchanan and this week we will discuss:

How United States polls indicate it’s increasingly less-probable for Donald Trump to be re-elected.

But, what are the immediate dangers facing the US in this pre-vote period?

Right now, it appears, there’s a severe test of US political institutions. The election is being delegitimized; the military brass is on quarantine; Trump’s behaviour is more erratic.

How is the USA’s national security being compromised? And, how will the United States’ adversaries react?

To discuss these issues we are joined by political scientist, and former US Pentagon analyst, Paul Buchanan.

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