LIVE: A View from Afar – 2020 a Decade of New High-Tech Nukes

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Welcome to A View from Afar.

Today we are looking at the rise of a new generation of nuclear weapons.

While the old Big Bang style of MAD – or Mutual Assured Destruction – nuclear bombs… may be very 20th century… today’s new-tech, precision-styled, tactical nukes provide – according to the United States – a flexible response strategy – basically, a survivable nuclear option.

But let’s consider the Russian Federation’s view: that should the US deploy a low-yield nuclear weapon… then Russia would retaliate with a massive response.

Does this mean a worst-case scenario is probable, where a small-scale nuclear attack is believed by the USA to be a survivable option – but in reality is a miscalculation that quickly escalates out of control and into full-blown nuclear war?

Does flexible response mean… the old MAD nuclear-deterrence argument is dead? Was it really a crazy idea anyway?

To discuss this we are joined by political scientist, and former US Pentagon analyst, Paul Buchanan.

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Ok, now, let’s cross to Paul Buchanan for a deep dive into this big nuclear issue….

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