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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – December 03 2018

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.

Workplace bullying: Maggie Barry, Parliamentary bullying inquiry, Retirement Commissioner
Kirsty Johnston and Derek Cheng (Herald): Former staff accuse National MP Maggie Barry of bullying
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Maggie Barry bullying claims possibly a ‘Nat-on-Nat attack’ – Bryce Edwards
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Simon Bridges bats off Maggie Barry allegations, says staff have a ‘spring in their step’
RNZ:‘I back her’ – Simon Bridges on Maggie Barry bullying claims
Audrey Young (Herald): Bridges says Barry management was no cause for concern, welcomes advice on definition of ‘political work’
Nicholas Jones and Kirsty Johnston (Herald): National backs Maggie Barry as more allegations detailed
Dan Satherley and Kethaki Masilamani (Newshub): Maggie Barry rejects claims of bullying and harassment
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): Bullying claims against North Shore MP Maggie Barry ‘thoroughly investigated’
1News: National MP Maggie Barry denies bullying claims against two former staff
David Farrar: Maggie Barry accusations
Herald Editorial: Bullying inquiry at Parliament should be instructive
1News:1 NEWS political editor on inquiry into bullying and harassment in Parliament – ‘high pressure, high stakes, big egos’
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Throwing bullying accusations around is a slippery slope
David Farrar: Bullying at Parliament
Lizzie Marvelly (Herald): What will spill out when the rug is lifted?
Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Former Minister and Ministries in the dark about Maxwell
Melanie Reid and Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Diane Maxwell to leave Commission

Huawei 5G ban, foreign affairs and trade
Audrey Young (Herald): Managing China and the US has been the hallmark of NZ’s independent foreign policy
Liam Dann (Herald): Huawei just the start of NZ’s China relations headache
Elena McPhee (ODT): NZ should not fear Chinese economic reprisals – academic
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Block on Huawei will diminish 5G network
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): The rock and the hard place between China and the US may be loosening
Don Rowe (Spinoff): Spies, sabotage and political donations: why China is dominating the news
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Huawei decision is the price of being in Five Eyes
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): China’s ‘National Intelligence Law’ one reason for Huawei’s 5G block
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Herald): The time has come to pick a side
Stuff: Beauty queen barred from China warns New Zealand should be cautious of ‘closeness’
MIchael Reddell: The China Council plumbing the depths
MIchael Reddell: Universities and PRC-risk
John Minto (Daily Bog): New Zealand’s economy depends on Chinese mothers NOT breastfeeding their babies
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Government won’t commit to pulling out of controversial UN migration agreement
Derek Cheng (Herald): North Korea subject of talks between Sth Korean President and PM Jacinda Ardern in Auckland
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): South Korean president Moon Jae In to talk trade, sanctions and Pacific reset
RNZ: State visit on the horizon for South Korean president
Stuart Vogel (Herald): Kiwis could show leadership on Nth Korean aid
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): North Korea eyes becoming a tourist destination as DMZ standoff tensions eases with the South

1News Colmar Brunton Poll, internal polls
1News: Watch: Simon Bridges reflects on poll boost for National, while his support stagnates
1News: National surpasses Labour in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll
1News: Judith Collins on the rise for preferred PM, hot on Simon Bridges heels in latest poll
Richard Harman (Politik): Oh, the relief!
Audrey Young (Herald): Latest political poll: National surges ahead of Labour
Newshub: Poll: National overtakes Labour, Collins closes in on Bridges
Stuff: National overtakes Labour in latest Colmar Brunton poll
David Farrar: Latest poll
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): TVNZ Poll: Bad Christmas present for Jacinda, Greens slide into irrelevance & Judith will burn Bridges – it’s a shocker on the rocker!
Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): Christmas break can’t come soon enough for Simon Bridges

Henry Cooke (Stuff): NZ First sinks coalition partners’ plan for fisheries review
Alice Angeloni (Stuff): Divers find dead dolphins in New Zealand King Salmon nets
Teresa Cowie (RNZ): Frittering away – Why whitebait is in decline

Henry Cooke (Stuff): The coalition Government is showing signs of maturity, but Labour isn’t selling it very well
Jason Walls (Herald): Fluctuation in the Government’s surplus evident in the latest set of crown accounts
Point of Order: Ministerial appointments monitor – jobs for the boys (and jobs for the girls, too)

Provincial Growth Fund
Andrea Fox (Herald): A hand up or corporate welfare? Questions intensify around Govt’s provincial growth fund largesse
Jo Moir (RNZ): Ardern reaffirms no WTO concern over Provincial Growth Fund grants

Andrew Geddis (Pundit): Every election is determined by the people who show up
Peter Wilson (RNZ): Week in Politics: Parliament inquiry could uncover appalling behaviour
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Furore over NZ First Clayton Mitchell’s ‘Goldstein’ references to Paul Goldsmith

Jan Antolic/Karel Sroubek residency decision
Edward Gay (Stuff): Drug smuggler Karel Sroubek had been convicted of a previously unreported crime – but he was not deported
Collette Devlin (Stuff): Judicial review looms as Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway confirms ‘error’ when granting Karel Sroubek residency

Employment, disability
Evan Harding (Stuff): Families of Southlanders with disabilities vow to fight
Ben Waterworth (ODT): Contract loss would ‘devastate’ SDE staff
Rob Stock (Stuff): Employers short-sighted in their prejudice against blind jobseekers
Chris Ford (Newsroom): Realising disability rights 101
Chris Trotter (Interest): Employment law reform changes leave Labour’s ideological nakedness covered, business lobbyists satisfied & Winston Peters claiming credit
RNZ: MBIE pays $1.9m back to employees left out-of-pocket
Jason Walls (Newsroom): Human Rights Commission wants the Government to establish a pay transparency agency
Colin Williscroft (Stuff): Need a job? Move to Ashburton, it has plenty
Dennis Maga (Stuff): The changes to working visas are a win for migrants and all working people

Education, child welfare
Simon Collins and Keith Ng (Herald): External exams – An essential check, or a ‘colonial system’?
Simon Collins (Herald): Education Ministry questions NCEA’s credibility – internal assessment seen as ‘easier’
John Gerritsen (RNZ): Consultation reveals a lack of confidence in NCEA
Newshub: NCEA review shows that New Zealand has an appetite for change
RNZ: Wait begins: NCEA stress over for 140,000 students
Josephine Franks (Stuff): Teacher shortage a ‘catastrophe’ in 2017 – now it’s worse
Toby Morris (Spinoff): The Side Eye: Everything to Everyone – understanding the teacher crisis
Indira Stewart (RNZ): Education boost key to Pasifika success
Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes (Māori TV): A new generation of young female leader
Catherine Groenestein (Stuff): Digital detox for Taranaki college pupils going on camp
Ruby Macandrew, Andre Chumko and Phillipa Yalden (Stuff):Chief censor set to reveal all about Kiwi teens’ harmful porn habits
Hamish McNeilly (Stuff): Sexualised Otago Uni events ‘disturbing and unpleasant’, review finds
Paula Hulburt (Stuff): Former foster care girl set for Prime Minister’s award

RNZ: Flawed meth testing regime ‘a huge failure across government’ – Twyford
Derek Cheng (Herald): Govt pays nearly $8000 for wrongly evicting Housing NZ tenants after meth contamination error
1News: Taxpayers to fork out $7735 on average per Housing NZ tenant wrongly evicted after flawed meth testing
Matt Rilkoff (Stuff): Editorial: Size is everything in the New Zealand housing shortage
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Wanaka has a housing problem, but KiwiBuild is not the solution
Tracey Roxburgh (ODT): Hundreds of houses planned for school site
Newstalk ZB: New research reveals which generation had hardest time buying homes
BusinessDesk: Sharp housing market correction still possible despite LVR change – Fitch Ratings
Peter Lyons (ODT): Housing boom process can prove very nasty in reverse
Catherine Harris (Stuff): Vendors may have rushed to sell housing in Queenstown before ban
Newshub: Prices plummet in Queenstown after foreign buyer ban introduced

Prisoners’ right to vote, justice
Philip Matthews (Press) Editorial: A right to vote, even in prison
Joel Maxwell (Stuff): Voting ban on prisoners hits disenfranchised Māori hardest
Anna Whyte (1News): Opinion: MPs should stick to their word on prison voting ban
Christine Rose (Daily Blog): Denial of Prisoners’ Votes Medieval Injustice
Katie Doyle (RNZ): Sharing a cell with a sex offender ‘absolutely inhuman’
Roger Brooking (Spinoff): Would sending repeat drunk driver Gavin Hawthorn to prison really make us safer?
Catrin Owen (Stuff): Nationwide lightning court strikes to end after bargaining deadlock is broken
Anneke Smith (RNZ): Court strikes halted after bargaining stalemate ends
Jono Galuszka (Stuff): Supreme Court judge and academic want court costs parity

Jonathan Milne (Stuff): NZ still suffers the same diseases of poverty my grandma encountered after the War
Brittany Keogh (Stuff): Health boards pay up for celebrity endorsements
RNZ: Scouts NZ warn parents of Northland meningococcal outbreak
Jennifer Bowden (Listener): How the food industry adopted the tactics of Big Tobacco
Lisette Reymer (Newshub): Study shows the shocking things Kiwi kids are fed
RNZ: More than half of NZ infants have tried junk food by 9 months
Nicholas Boyack (Stuff):Burgers make way for swimming for player of the day
Nikki Turner (Newsroom): Vaccination and trust are key to fight killer diseases
Moana Makapelu Lee (Māori TV): 600,000 NZers to receive cheaper healthcare
Phil Taylor (Herald): Vanuatuan diabetes patient seeks eye surgery from Fred Hollows Foundation
Debrin Foxcroft (Stuff): Former bodybuilding champ cries ‘every day’ after losing 12-year fight with ACC
Max Towle (RNZ): HIV: The shame, stigma and progress
Michael Stevens (Spinoff): I’ve had HIV more than half my life. It nearly killed me. It reshaped my world
Hunter Calder (Herald): Local Focus: HIV isn’t a death sentence, if detected soon enough
Dan Dalgety (RNZ): Ōtaki wants to stamp out meth use
Samantha Gee (Stuff): Wicked Tooth Fairy connects youth with dental care
RNZ: Opening of new ICU at Dunedin Hospital delayed
Luke Kirkness (Herald): Teen cancer charity CanTeen facing ‘toughest period in its history’
Talisa Kupenga (Māori TV): Medicinal Cannabis Bill falls short – NZ Drug Foundation
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Licensed cannabis producer calls on illegal growers to work with them on medicinal cannabis
Joel Rindelaub (Newsroom): Cannabis: Where is the data?
Jo Lines-MacKenzie (Stuff): Legal battle for sperm over after short-term girlfriend admits she can’t look after baby

Health sector pay and conditions
RNZ: Doctors and dentists lobby for ‘safe staffing accord’
Oliver Lewis (Stuff): Nurses to meet with health boss over ongoing assaults and violence
1News: Levels of burnout and job dissatisfaction amongst health professionals ‘unsustainable’ says union
Janine Rankin (Manawatū Standard): General practices coping despite loss of GPs
RNZ: Family Planning nurses to go on strike for better pay
Herald: Family Planning staff vote for 24 hour strike for ‘equitable pay’

Mental health
Jessica McAllen (Stuff): ‘Where do we put them?’ The story of New Zealand’s mental health inquiry
Jessica McAllen (Stuff): The Inquiry: How to understand the mental health system
Newshub: Mike King’s confronting, candid and hopeful advice to Kiwi teens
Adele Redmond (Stuff): Mental health service for Canterbury schools receives 500+ requests in seven months
Oliver Lewis (Stuff): School guidance counsellors operating in ‘crisis mode’
ODT Editorial: Time to talk about mental health
RNZ: Lifeline anticipating more difficult calls over the holidays
Dominic Harris (Stuff): Nurse stabbed at Christchurch’s Hillmorton Hospital
1News: Man arrested after assaulting nurse in Christchurch hospital mental health unit
Newshub: ‘Extreme concern’ after Christchurch nurse stabbed at mental health facility
RNZ: Nurse attacked at Christchurch hospital
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Anger over changes to counselling service

Thomas Manch (Stuff): The basics of a proposed legal death: a guide to the End of Life Choice bill
Ruby Mcandrew (Stuff): Euthanasia debate: Is there dignity in death, or does palliative care kill?
Thomas Manch (Stuff): An irremediable life: The rare plight of a woman who wants to be allowed to die
Jacques Steenkamp (Stuff): NZ professor’s wife: My husband was compelled to break the law to help others die

Claire Trevett (Herald): Doctors to fight new abortion law
Claire Trevett (Herald): To the Barricades: The battle over abortion forty years on

Environment and conservation
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): A new political movement: Let’s just be honest – real climate change will require a political, social & economic revolution
Susan Strongman (RNZ): Why we’re ignoring climate change
Andrew Vance (Stuff): How eliminating sheep burps and cow pee could slow global warming
Esther Taunton (Stuff): New Zealand is unprepared for more frequent drought, report warns
Jamie Morton (Herald): Climate change: Revealing its hand in today’s extreme weather
Andy Fyers and Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): How five Kiwi families cut their emissions
Mary Beth Taylor (Stuff): Inaction is not an option: My tactics for fighting climate change
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Orr has spoken. Climate change is real and hitting our back pockets
Angie Skerrett (Newshub): Better technology, on-farm practices helping cut emissions
Jennifer Berry (Stuff): How should teenagers in New Zealand react to climate change?
RNZ: Climate negotiators face uphill battle at COP24
1News: Local residents outraged as Chinese company granted approval to buy land north of Auckland for landfill
Tim Muller (Spinoff): Bottle rockets: why are we all so angry about groundwater?
Laurel Stowell (Whanganui Chronicle): Horizons sets goal for waterways swimmability with region now below national average
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Warm seas could lead to further whale strandings- scientist
RNZ: New Zealand beached whales: Why are so many getting stranded?
RNZ: Historic Fiordland viaduct reopens
Ben Waterworth (ODT): Slice of Fiordland history reopened
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Godwit numbers looking good, but future still bleak
ODT: High ‘E. coli’ levels found

Catherine Harris (Stuff): Recycling is not enough to get rid of plastic waste: report
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Recycling won’t be enough to save NZ from the plastic plague – report
RNZ: Disposal of plastic waste needs urgent rethink – report
Jamie Morton (Herald): Is this how we solve NZ’s growing plastic problem?
Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): New Zealand’s plastic stockpile is at 400 tonnes and could be going mouldy
Catherine Harris (Stuff): What you need to know about the circular economy

Amy Williams (RNZ): Virtual power station hailed as ‘a game-changer’
Amanda Larsson (Stuff): Don’t believe the hype of the 8 Rivers’ plan
Rod Oram (Newsroom): There’s merit in the Pouakai project

Jeremy Rose (RNZ): NZ vs 119 countries and 1 billion peasants
Jeremy Rose (RNZ): The decline and fall of local body reporting
Jeremy Rose (RNZ): Reporting the rainbow while raining on its parade (audio)
Erana Keelan-Reedy (E-Tangata): Māori media: Is an axe about to drop on iwi radio?
Mark Jennings (Newsroom): MediaRoom: Dancing and deals for TV network
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): MediaWorks boss Michael Anderson says QMS merger shows it’s not a ‘victim’
Alistair Thompson: Scoop’s PledgeMe Campaign Finishes Today – With $1644 Needed

Anglican Church apology for taking of Māori land
Mere McLean (Māori TV): Ngāi Tukairangi elder of Tauranga Moana seeks acknowledgment
Scott Yeoman (Bay of Plenty Times): Historic Anglican Church apology takes place in Tauranga over land lost 151 years ago
Matt Shand (Stuff): Anglican Church to apologise for takeover of Māori land in Bay of Plenty

Waimea Dam
Cherie Sivignon (Stuff): Tasman District Council gives Waimea dam project final nod
Alex Baird (Newshub): Opinion split over approval of $100m Waimea Dam Project
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Tasman District Council votes to build Waimea Dam near Nelson
RNZ: Green light for controversial Waimea dam
Newshub: Controversial Tasman dam project gets the go-ahead

Pride, LGBTI Awards
Mandy Te (Stuff): Fire and Emergency NZ will not attend Auckland Pride Parade in 2019
Herald: Firefighters the latest group to pull out of Auckland Pride parade
Sarah Murphy (RNZ): Police dropped LGBTQI training two years ago, it has been revealed
Charlotte Carter (Stuff): No compulsory LGBTQI training for police, despite calls to ‘bridge this gap’
Alison Mau (Stuff): The Topp Twins raise concerns over the NZ LGBTI Awards
Aine Kelly-Costello (Newshub): Disability Pride – a movement whose time has come?

Rob Stock (Stuff): We’re making a meal of Christmas, and it’s making us miserable
Jessie Chiang (RNZ): Card movement sending love this Christmas
Mānia Clarke (Māori TV): Christmas festivities begin for 300 Angel Tree whānau
Felicity Reid and Marlene Singh (Stuff): Sacked Santa returns for Auckland Farmers Santa Parade
Tom Dillane (Herald): ‘Inappropriate’ Santa reinstated for Farmers Christmas parade after controversial sacking
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Santa Parade: Dumped Santa gets his job back
1News: Santa Claus recalled for Auckland Santa Parade after ‘inappropriate’ comments
Carly Gooch (Nelson Mail): Santa gets a remake for Nelson’s Santa Parade, but not all are happy
RNZ: Santa in korowai divides Nelson locals
Herald: Where’s Santa? Nelson locals split on korowai-clad Claus
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Don Brash not a fan of Nelson’s Māori Santa
Alex Casey (Spinoff): ‘If it hurts you, I won’t do it’ – North Shore Dutch parade does away with blackface tradition
Zizi Sparks (Rotorua Daily Post): Controversial Dutch character to feature at Rotorua market
Benn Bathgate adn Janine Rankin (Stuff): Dutch society says use of Black Pete is tradition, not racism
Oliver Lewis (Stuff): Santa Parade returns to central Christchurch for first time since earthquakes
Steve Braunias (Herald): Secret diary of… Xmas shopping

Phil Pennington (RNZ): Road safety probe: Everything you need to know
Clive Matthew-Wilson (Stuff): WOF failings show NZTA has become a soft touch
Anuna Nadkarni (Stuff): NZTA recalls seatbelts amid safety concerns
Alison Mau (Stuff): A lax NZTA culture has allowed dangerous practices to flourish
Newshub: Thousands more cars with dodgy WOFs might need re-checking
Amanda Cropp (Stuff): No sympathy for law-breaking truckies caught up in NZ Transport Agency crack down
RNZ: NZTA told of truck regulation concerns years ago – Road Transport Forum
Phil Pennington (RNZ): ‘Close call’ over truck safety with suspended certifier
1News: Waiheke Island group pushes to become world’s first island to have all electric vehicles
1News: Summer safety campaign launched in bid to stem horror road toll
Newshub: You’re probably not as good a driver as you think you are, AA warns
David Holden (Stuff): Our road rules need to change, Kiwis need their life more than their licence
Anabella Garwood (Newshub): New taxi service aims to keep women safe
Nikki Mandow (RNZ): Two Cents’ Worth: Petrol Price Psychology 101
Libby Wilson (Stuff): Extra $911,000 to link Horsham Downs and Waikato Expressway

Canterbury quakes and EQC inquiry
Stuff: Health effects of Canterbury earthquakes ‘like a wartime recovery’
Liz McDonald (Stuff): EQC inquiry will not be fault-finding, says head Dame Silvia Cartwright
Liz McDonald (Stuff): Rebuild cities fast not but hastily, disaster expert says

One Billion Trees
Colin Williscroft (Stuff): Government to fund farmers to encourage more tree planting
Holly Carran (Newshub): The government announces $118 million grant to help plant one billion trees by 2028
RNZ: Government to invest $118m in tree planting

Domestic violence
Craig McCulloch (RNZ): Sophie Elliott’s mum backs law criminalising strangulation
1News: Strangling, suffocating and coerced marriage new offences as Government targets domestic violence
RNZ: New law aims to reduce family violence and put victims first
RNZ: Police back scheme offering time out for family violence offenders

Poverty, inequality
1News: ‘Nothing left in the pantry’ – Auckland City Mission expecting demand for food to double with Christmas season upon us
Mei Heron (1News): Huge demand sees foodbanks around NZ appeal for more supplies
The Spinoff: Christmas giving: what local charities really want you to donate
Jackie Clark (Spinoff): Here’s how you can best support charities this Christmas
Priyanca Radhakrishnan and Stuart Smith (Stuff): How do we stop the growth of begging on our streets?
RNZ: Children born into poverty more likely to become criminals
Damien Grant (Stuff): Child poverty reduction bill is destined to fail

Freedom camping
Robin Martin (RNZ): Ratespayers’ pressure: Councillors ban freedom camping
Felicity Reid (Stuff): Flooding concerns over planned freedom camping site for Auckland’s North Shore
RNZ: Popular Auckland campground could be shut down

Todd Niall (Stuff): Who’s running Auckland? Arm-wrestling continues despite change of Government 
Eva Corlett (RNZ): Affluent suburb to receive publicly-funded ride-sharing service
Jason Walls (Herald): Sport Minister Grant Robertson says plans for a new Auckland stadium is ‘of interest’ to Government
Alexia Russell (Newsroom): Auckland’s public land now extensively mapped
RNZ: Auckland retailers will get more revenue from car ban, says CBD designer
Isobel Ewing (Newshub): ‘We just want resolution’: Piha homeowners’ anger at Auckland Council over flood-damaged homes

Local government
RNZ: Napier council debates retail trading for Easter Sunday
RNZ: Horowhenua District Council’s boundaries could shrink
Michael Hayward (Stuff): Calls for section of Christchurch’s Colombo St to become pedestrian mall

Consumer affairs
Luke Appleby (1News): BMW Group apologises after Auckland dealership used 1500 compulsory recall emails for marketing purposes
Rob Stock (Stuff): Wound up by online retailers’ fake transaction clock countdowns
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Commerce Commission starts checking how telcos treat customers
Rob Stock (Stuff): Vodafone advert’s millionaire family

Primary industries
Matt Stewart (Stuff): Prosecutions over flood-triggered logging debris on East Coast
RNZ: Owners of East Coast forests charged over debris damage
Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Hemp OK for Kiwis, not for cows – MPI claims residue could taint milk, me
Angie Skerrett (Newshub): Stark warning over future of rural communities

Andrea Vance (Stuff): Government officials mocked anti-whaling campaigner as ‘buffoon’ when he was stabbed at sea
Jane Bowron (Stuff): Post offices are a core public service – don’t let them wither away
Troy Bowker (Stuff): Cullen’s capital gains tax comments could turn the tax into a game for business
Tom O’Connor (Stuff): Māori bank idea worth investing thought in
RNZ: Ngāpuhi leader defends change in mandate voting system
Newshub: Report explains why New Zealand’s Māori are better off than Australia’s Aborigines
Andrew McRae (RNZ): New website provides for needs of veterans
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Morgan more willing to cough up for a new look TOP
Tom Furley (RNZ): Crane operators ‘in heavy demand and short supply’
Megan Sutherland (Newshub): Oamaru water supply could run out by Sunday, full restrictions in place
Rob Stock (Stuff): Sir Stephen Tindall talks ‘financial citizenship’
RNZ: Consumer confidence on the up
No Right Turn: Democracy, trust, and populism
Herald: The Year That: Maire Leadbeater
Bruce Cotterill  (Stuff): The protesters shall inherit the Earth (if they listen)
Stuff: Clarke Gayford on the pressures of being a stay-at-home dad to Neve Te Aroha
Philip Matthews (Stuff): The week in good news: rugby, rainbows and scenes from the red planet
Helen Harvey (Taranaki Daily News): To go or not to go to the zoo tomorrow
Isaac Davison (Herald): Russell McVeagh hires three women partners after review criticised workplace culture