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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – November 19 2018

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.

Foreign affairs and trade
Audrey Young (Herald): Power – the ironic theme from Apec summit
Laura Walters (Newsroom): NZ walks the talk in the Pacific
Laura Walters (Newsroom): APEC ends in disarray
RNZ: APEC summit ends without statement over US-China division
Gyles Beckford (RNZ): Peters encouraged by US interest in the Pacific
Jenna Lynch (Newshub): US-China trade war an ‘enormous opportunity’ for New Zealand – Winston Peters
Jessica Mutch McKay (1News): Ardern arrives at APEC, Peters says China/US standoff makes NZ a key player in Pacific
Finn Hogan (Newshub): NZ could be a ‘bridge’ between US and China -David Parker
AP: US announces agreement at APEC to help build Papua New Guinea naval base with Australia
Jason Walls (Herald): Deputy PM Winston Peters earmarks $10m towards preventing the spread of polio in PNG
Gyles Beckford (RNZ): NZ seeks to fund Pacific projects which help ‘local people’
Audrey Young (Herald): Jacinda Ardern appeals to women at Gordon’s market in Port Moresby
Audrey Young (Herald): Ardern: NZ will pool resources with other countries to bring electricity to PNG
1News: NZ touts projects to expand electricity access and help local farmers in Papua New Guinea
RNZ: NZ to join Australia and partners on PNG electricity project
Audrey Young (Herald): Jacinda Ardern keen to make a difference during Papua New Guinea stay
Audrey Young (Herald): Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters catch up with old friends at Apec but dance around rivalry with China
Newshub: Jacinda Ardern’s meeting with PNG leader at APEC called off
Audrey Young (Herald): Jacinda Ardern arrives for more meetings in Papua New Guinea
RNZ: Climate change and security to be discussed at APEC summit
Audrey Young (Herald): Jacinda Ardern set for an Apec like no other
Jenna Lynch (Newshub): Serious questions over Papua New Guinea hosting the APEC summit
1News: PM says she won’t be travelling by Maserati at APEC after corruption claims aimed at host PNG
1News: NZ ‘very, very aware’ of South China Sea dispute impact – PM
Point of Order: NZ leaders ensure Mahathir’s warnings about the South China Sea stay secret
RNZ: NZ Defence Force in PNG to support massive APEC security op
Derek Cheng (Herald):PM rejects report of a deal for Nauru refugees to come to NZ
Thomas Coughlan and Laura Walters (Newsroom): Ardern rejects refugee reports
Derek Cheng (Herald): NZ asked to grant visitor visas to Nauru refugees – Australian media report
Scott Palmer (Newshub): New Zealand blocking refugees flying here on holiday visas – Nauru President
John Roughan (Herald): Access to Australia could suffer if we take in boat people
Ruth Hill (RNZ): NZ woman asks Japan PM to end psychiatric restraints

Pike River
RNZ: Pike River Mine families not owed an apology – Simon Bridges
1News: Simon Bridges ‘loath’ to agree with calls for Government to apologise for Pike River
Jono Galuska and Jessica Long (Stuff): Pike River Minister Andrew Little says Crown should atone for failures to families
RNZ: Government should apologise for failures at Pike River – Little
Stuff: Government let down Pike River families ‘horribly badly’, says Andrew Little
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Andrew Little hopes eighth anniversary of Pike River will be smoother after re-entry announcement
Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): Pike River re-entry not welcomed by everyone
Duncan Garner (Stuff): Little a hero as Nats run for the hills and beyond
Joanne Carroll (Stuff): The road to getting back into Pike River
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Newstalk ZB): After eight years, a promise kept
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): High risk for reward of going down Pike River Mine
Paul Little (Herald): We can’t put a price on human life
Bruce Munro (ODT): A chance to reclaim the grieving
Jason Walls (Herald): Deputy PM Winston Peters is still committed to being the first person into Pike River Mine

Derek Cheng and Jason Walls (Herald): A new 10-year early learning strategic plan aims to shake-up New Zealand’s early-learning sector
Newshub: Government reveals plans to have 100 percent qualified teachers in early childhood education
Bernard Beckett (Spinoff): A petty matter: Why it’s OK that teens don’t know what ‘trivial’ means
Alice Webb-Liddall (Newshub): World reaction to Kiwi students’ petition against word ‘trivial’ in History exam
Jane Bowron (Stuff): The education of students is not a trivial pursuit
Tom O’Connor (Stuff): Teaching problems won’t go away
David Slack (Stuff): Our teachers earn apples and oranges so let’s bring back the 1970’s way of offering them free housing
Josephine Franks (Stuff): Teachers’ unions agree to join forces in 2019 campaign
1News: ‘Super strike’ by primary and secondary teachers on the cards as rolling stoppages conclude
Jennifer Eder (Stuff): Primary teachers hint at mega strike in Marlborough
John Gerritsen (RNZ): Wellington teachers determined to continue pushing for improved offer
1News: Large class sizes ‘still not being addressed’ in latest teacher pay offer – NZEI
Zane Small (Newshub): Government wasting money on students instead of helping teachers – Judith Collins
No Right Turn: Time for the government to pay up
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Dear Teachers of NZ, ignore your useless union and strike, strike, strike
Joel Maxwell (Stuff): Never mind foreign teachers – Kiwis need to take up the cultural challenge too
Oscar Kightley (Stuff): Lessons from culture-shock classrooms
Taranaki Daily News Editorial: What’s the best way to measure success in education?
Alice Peacock (Herald): Auckland school’s ‘friendship bench’ helps lonely kids to find a pal
Charlotte Grimwood (Stuff): College to drop ‘discriminatory’ assembly seating
Herald Editorial: Children’s school prizes should not be resented
Maxine Jacobs (RNZ): Ban on school prize givings may damage students, says headmaster
Fiona Connor (Newshub): Auckland Grammar principal slams schools that banned prize-giving
Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Wintec probe: Polytech can spend taxpayers’ money on personal items in ‘exceptional circumstances’
Brittany Keogh (Stuff): Two degrees, no job prospects: Why Gen Z Kiwis are worried about work
John Boynton (RNZ): Māori academics look at placing research in cultural context
Alice Webb-Lidall (Newshub): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces 172 Asia scholarship winners
Adele Redmond (Stuff): Lincoln and AgResearch look to cut cost of science research facility, secure contractor

1News: ‘You can’t even name them’ – Simon Bridges stumped after being pressed on taxes he blames for increase in rents
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Rents up $20 in two months – who’s to blame?
Isaac Davison and Derek Cheng (Herald): Rents rose up to $50 a week in the past year – National blames Govt policies
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Letting fee ban will just see renters charged in a different way
Richard Meadows (Stuff): Budget Buster: The sad saga of letting fees
Catherine Harris (Stuff): Housing analyst says soaring land prices Auckland’s key housing obstacle
Rodney Dickens (Interest): The real problem inhibiting affordable housing is the cost of sections
David Chaston (Interest): A new set of visualisations showing how seven of our cities have grown over time, concentrating our population and encroaching on neighbouring rural land
Danielle Clent (Stuff): Living in a motel, a young mum feared her two children would be taken from her
Lydia Lewis (Newshub): Calls for building warranty insurance for renovations and rebuilds
John Anthony (Stuff): Online tool HomeFit helps assess warm and dry homes, New Zealand Green Building Council says

Royal Commission of Inquiry into child abuse
Aaron Smale (Newsroom): Inquiry’s failings will turn into Royal Omission
Newshub: A closer look at the state abuse inquiry (video)

Science funding
Jamie Morton (Herald): Questions over secret review of $1.6b science programme
Brad Flahive (Stuff): More transparency wanted around Government’s national science challenges
Peter Griffin (Noted): A big science investment – but where’s the transparency?
Stuff: National Science Challenges to get $422.5m in Government research funding
RNZ: Inroads into national health research in new studies
RNZ: More than $420m in funding boost for National Science Challenges

Cate Broughton (Stuff): ACC’s undocumented ‘blank cheque’ letters could number into tens of thousands, lawyer says
Ruth Hill (RNZ): Obesity up, smoking down in latest health survey
Niki Bezzant (Herald): Time to stop judging diabetics
Phil Taylor (Herald): Auckland heart patient told to wait 9 months for crucial scan
Maxine Jacobs (RNZ): Being on marae is a protective factor against dementia – researcher
Jason Walls (Herald): Health Minister David Clark says rural health needs more than a new med school training GPs
Donna-Lee Biddle (Stuff): Waikato vice-chancellor says plans for rural med school may still go ahead
David Farrar: A good decision by David Clark
Ruwani Perera (Newshub): Parents and social workers ask for more support for children with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Stacey KIrk (Stuff): Nats promise surgical mesh register while Govt ‘drags chain’, say advocates
Newshub: DHBs, doctors at odds over 12-day rosters
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Physiotherapists go on strike after Waikato DHB fails to make an offer
Jamie Morton (Herald): Fears meningococcal ‘super-strain’ could become dominant
1News:‘Kids are just so vulnerable’ – Brave mum’s meningococcal warning to parents after losing her little girl
1News: Doctors call for more blood donations to help NZ’s vulnerable premature babies
Tom Hunt (Stuff): 300 leaks at Wellington Hospital as blame game goes to court
Damien Grant (Stuff): Free dental care in NZ is a failure of imagination
RNZ: Man who died under restraint at Whangārei Hospital named
MIchelle Duff (Stuff): Why are our girls hurting themselves?
Hinemoa Elder (Stuff): How do we stop playing out these toxic gender roles?
Stephen Stewart (Stuff): Black Flu – New Zealand’s worst public health disaster

Immigration, citizenship, residency decisions
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Derek Handley granted citizenship under exceptional circumstances provision
RNZ: $10k, 11 days and one failed deportation
Edward Gay and Collette Devlin (Stuff): National questions why two immigration cases treated differently
Alex Swney (Herald): Karel Sroubek is no gangster
Eva Corlett (RNZ): Immigration NZ making it hard for people to get the right advice – lawyer

Philip Burdon (Stuff): Ardern remains indispensable to Labour’s image
Claire Trevett (Herald): Shane Jones’ self-inflicted pea-souper fog
Dan Satherley and Simon Shepherd (Newshub): Shane Jones shoulders the blame for seedlings screw-up
No Right Turn: The government’s secret OIA plans
Stephanie MItchell (Stuff): Labour party MP gets married in Fiji and enlists another MP as bridesmaid

1News: Government should have ‘moral obligation’ to address prisoner voting ban – Inside Parliament
Nikki Mandow (BusinessDesk): Who judges the judges? Complaint against Chief Justice sparks debate
Martyn Bradbury (Waatea News): Why I can’t applaud Corrections reducing the prison population but support the passion of Kelvin Davis
Sam Hurley (Herald): High-profile lawyer says Chief Judge’s order ‘undermines’ Ministry of Justice strikes
Sam Hurley (Herald): Employment Court orders Ministry of Justice into mediation with striking workers
Edward Gay (Stuff): Lawyer says new court break times erode strike action
Sam Hurley (Herald): Christchurch court violence sees barristers call for swift end to Ministry of Justice strikes
Emma Hatton (RNZ): Property law: Migrants ‘pretty much out there in the dark’
RNZ: Victim of crime committed by man declared insane: ‘I have very few rights’
Newshub: Attack survivor wants law change for offenders found not guilty because of insanity
Kaitlin Ruddock (1News): ‘This is the last straw’ – Victims of offenders deemed insane call for law change
Alex Baird (Newshub): Survivors of violent crimes by those declared insane want the same rights as victims of other crimes
Tim Newman (Stuff): Attempted murder victim launches petition seeking more rights from justice system
Dale Husband (E-Tangata): Tiana Epati: Be the change you wish to see

Environment and conservation
Heather Chalmers (Stuff): Massive Canterbury irrigation scheme to transform region – for better or worse
Morgan Williams (Stuff): Bring back science, for it holds the dam truth
Cherie Sivignon (Stuff): Waimea dam proposal ‘largest investment’ involving Crown
Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): Ferries’ ‘marmite’ fuel could be switched for ordinary diesel, if NZ signs treaty
1News: NZ’s much-loved yellow-eyed penguin could be extinct in next 10 to 20 years
Tess Brunton (RNZ): ‘Bring the birdsong home to Bluff’
RNZ: NZ has responsibility to safeguard biodiversity – Sage
Gareth Morgan (Newsroom): NZ’s inconvenient truth
Laura Tupou (Newshub): Potential Te Mata Peak track out for consultation in February
Waatea news: Climate change consultation closed to Māori voices
Farah Hancock (Newsroom): A billion new trees in a warming world
Rod Oram (Newsroom): Targeting predators with technology

Primary industries
Pat Deavoll (Stuff): Alternative proteins: Threat or a taste of the future?
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Has the time come for Genetic Modification?
RNZ: Picking up sticks: Tolaga Bay farmers foot the bill for “man-made” flooding
Gerald Piddock (Stuff): Council finds dairy farm using a bathtub for effluent storage in latest inspections

CTV building
Sam Sherwood (Stuff): Decision to drop investigation into CTV engineer to be reviewed
Kurt Bayer (Herald): Legal row over CTV Building, Alan Reay, Engineering NZ, in High Court
RNZ: Investigation into engineer responsible for CTV building

Anne-Marie Brady sabotage allegations
Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): NZ police investigate after prominent China critic’s car ‘sabotaged’
Leith Huffadine (Stuff): Professor Anne-Marie Brady, who warned about China interference, says car was sabotaged
Carla Penman (1News): Professor who uncovered extent of Chinese political influence in NZ says her car was ‘interfered with’
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Investigation into sabotage of Academics car must finally start demanding answers about Chinese influence in NZ?
Michael Reddell: Voices in support of Anne-Marie Brady

Racism controversy at Hawera Christmas parade
1News: ‘Seriously, we’re in 2018’ – shock over Lions club’s blackface parade float
Annabella Garwood, Katie Fitzgerald, LIsette Reymer (Newshub): Vigilante justice needed over Lions club blackface debacle – Hone Harawira
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Lions club deletes Facebook page after using blackface in parade
RNZ: ‘Frankly that just shows middle-class white privilege’
Ripeka Timutimu (Māori TV): Blackface incident “racist and dehumanising” – Iwi leader
1News: ‘We were naive,’ Hawera group concedes after blackface Christmas float sparks widespread outrage
Brad Flahive (Stuff): Hawera Lions Club are wrong to say blackface is ‘not racist’ – it is
Fiona Connor (Newshub): ‘Are you friggen kidding me?’ – Stall spotted selling golliwogs at Hawera A&P show

Alex Mau (Stuff): Ogled, groped and locked in a cage, Air Force servicewoman speaks out against Defence Force for ‘protecting’ rapist
Alex Mau and Kirsty Lawrence (Stuff): Air Force sex predator continues to brutalise servicewoman, from behind bars
1News: NZ Defence Force troops arrive back from Iraq and Egypt

Local government
Chris Trotter: Communication Breakdown
Stuff: Wellington Mayor Justin Lester eyes second term in 2019 election
John-MIchael Swannix (Newshub): Could Auckland’s public golf courses help end the housing crisis?
Newshub: Gull steps in to save Auckland Santa Parade
Robin Martin (RNZ): Controversial scheme to dump waste adopted by Taranaki councils
Robin Martin (RNZ): Council bylaw mistake throws doors open to freedom campers
RNZ: Dunedin rest home building a wall to stop future flooding
RNZ: Safety fears as ban on rough-sleeping in CBDs moves closer
Samantha Motion (Herald): Debate rages over begging, rough sleeping bans in Tauranga

Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: Forthright Fourth Estate critic leaves a legacy (audio)
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: The media’s fraught role in the Jami-Lee Ross scandal
Mike Rehu (E-Tangata): Māori media: We’ll need to make tough calls
Margo White (Stuff): TV legend Tini Molyneux looks back on 30 years of reporting on Māori affairs
Colin Peacock (RNZ): Street fighting: the media’s big bike battle
Damien Venuto (Herald): ‘Complete dysfunction’: Paul Henry and the decline and now death of RadioLive
Herald: RadioLive host Mitch Harris slams MediaWorks bosses, takes a dig at Paul Henry
Stuff: Radio Live bosses ‘didn’t know anything about radio’, host Mitch Harris says
Steven Cowan: Radio Dead
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Why RadioLive failed

Derek Cheng (Herald): Police response to 111 calls falling well below target
George Block (ODT): Tasering of driver found to be justified
Charlotte Carter, Ali Mau (Stuff): Auckland Pride Parade’s hui over police uniform ban turns into ‘a circus’
Zane Small (Newshub): ‘Incredibly tense’: Auckland Pride Parade hui on cops wearing uniforms turns sour
Levi Joule (Herald): Let uniformed LGBT police parade their Pride
RNZ: Police say gang violence won’t be tolerated following Wairoa arrests

Herald: Training ‘good Santas’ rather than ‘bad Santas’ in a post #MeToo era
Cecile Meier (Stuff): Raising boys in the wake of #MeToo

Catrin Owen (Stuff): People’s Party secretary pleads guilty to more than $200k in undeclared donations
David Farrar: Court lets vote fraudster off

Aroha Awarau (Stuff): Push to teach about Maori women who fought for vote
Lizzie Marvelly (Herald): The women that Pākehā history forgot

Dennis Maga (Stuff): Stop thinking you can pay staff based on their performance
1News: Auckland eatery comes under fire for asking job applicants if they are on medication
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): New Zealand business Wishbone caught asking employees for medical information
Rob Campbell (Stuff): Businesses told: Don’t fear resurgence of unions
Bruce Cotterill (Stuff): Let’s stop throwing older workers on the scrapheap

Economy and business
Liam Dann (Herald): A gloomy outlook is as Kiwi as jandals and mince pies
Liam Dann (Herald): ASB pundits head into summer on upbeat note
Herald: Manufacturing growth highest in five months
Newsroom: Business podcast: Trouble at Kaitaia’s mill

Financial hardship
Zane Small (Newshub): ‘Rise of the working poor’: One in five Kiwis can’t afford Christmas
Nicole Lawton (Stuff): One in five Kiwis can’t afford Christmas this year – Salvation Army study
RNZ: Salvation Army expected to help 17,000 people this Christmas
Joanne Holden (Stuff): Unable to manage rising costs of electricity people are flocking to food banks

Phil Pennington (RNZ): Transport agency looks to fix ‘potential risk to safety’
Phillipa Yalden (Stuff): Striking bus drivers bring Hamilton’s public transport to a standstill
RNZ: GO Bus to lock out Waikato bus drivers
1News: Waikato bus bosses push back at free fare protest: No work, no pay until living wage claim is dropped
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Bus operator cracks down on drivers offering free rides
Stuff: Bus drivers to refuse passenger payment as part of protest

Road toll
Jo Moir (RNZ): Men in ‘mid-life crisis’ causing motorcycle deaths – Nash
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Motorcycling safety group head blames Government neglect for road deaths
Tom Hunt (Stuff): Deadly deja-vu as toll soars with five more deaths across country
Luke Kirkness and Michael Neilson (Herald):‘It is absolutely devastating’: Horror weekend on New Zealand roads
ODT Editorial: Keep your eyes on the road

Tamsyn Parker (Herald): Clampdown on bank sales incentives could have unintended consequences for consumers
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): BNZ’s Angela Mentis revealed as highest paid NZ bank boss

Ross Bell (Spinoff): Will Jacinda Ardern’s words on the ‘war on drugs’ amount to more than platitudes?
1News: As synthetic cannabis crisis rages on, advocates call for decriminalisation
(Herald): Mum and former lawyer warns against legalising cannabis after synthetic drugs tears life apart

Jamie Morton (Herald): Follow the leader: What the flag debate revealed about our personal politics
Dan Satherley (Newshub): How liberal is Simon Bridges really?
RNZ: ‘Simplifying the language’ helps ministry win Plain English award
Peter Wilson (RNZ): Week in Politics: Inquiry announcements give government kudos
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Duck for cover: gun laws up for debate
RNZ: Ngāpuhi hapū protest iwi’s leadership
RNZ: Parnell Rose Gardens chosen as site for Erebus memorial
Bryan Bruce Daily Blog): ACT applauds Labour Policy
Herald Editorial: Black Ferns should attract keen support at a World Cup in New Zealand
Vita Molyneux (Newshub): Forced sale of Warkworth property brings overseas investors $6 million profit
Liz Gordon: Predators in our community
Mike O’Donnell (Stuff): Can New Zealand’s payday lenders survive?
Stuff: ‘Death to all oppressors’: Upper Hutt Posse’s political rant at the 2018 VNZMAs
1News: Watch: Upper Hutt Posse frontman goes on astonishing rant while accepting legacy award at VMAs – ‘death to all oppressors’
RNZ: New murder charge for NZ euthanasia advocate
Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): New Zealander and euthanasia advocate Sean Davison facing two murder charges in South Africa
RNZ: The legacy of Parihaka: Dr Rachel Buchanan and Mahara Okeroa in conversation
Alice Webb-Liddall (Newshub): Baby left sweltering in hot car while caregiver plays the pokies
Fiona Connor (Newshub): Brother of Kiwi tortured and killed ‘not surprised’ at convictions
Phil Quin (Stuff): The boom, and meteoric growth, of podcasts in New Zealand
Martin Johnston (Herald): Survey finds New Zealanders turning to online chat groups for a sense of community
Nick Truebridge (Stuff): Controversial Australian senator Pauline Hanson not coming to New Zealand after all
Jonathan Milne (Stuff): To really embrace difference, NZ needs Hug a Straight Day
1News: Watch: ‘Bye Felicia’ – Andrew Little and Justin Lester try out hip young slang in city showdown
Ethan Sills (Herald): Theatre review: Jacinda is a coalition worth celebrating