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Mike Treen’s message via YouTube. (Distorted audio – click on subtitles).

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New Zealander Mike Treen, national director of the Unite Union and a veteran human rights defender, has made a dramatic plea for help from on board the international Freedom Flotilla to Gaza flagship Al Awda (The Return).

He pre-recorded this urgent SOS message in case of being hijacked by Israeli forces.

Treen pleaded for action early today over the illegal force reportedly by news media being used by the Israeli Navy.

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His Kia Ora Gaza supporters also called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, to demand the Israeli government immediately release flotilla participants and ensure their cargo of medical aid worth $15,000 is delivered to Gaza.


Al Jazeera reported early this morning that Israeli naval ships had surrounded the flotilla and communications had been cut.

The news channel said the some 16 countries were represented by the flotilla including peace activists, parliamentarians and journalists.

Israeli Navy confirms ‘seizing’ flotilla
The Times of Israel reported that the Israeli Navy had confirmed stopping a boat that was trying to break the maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip and had started to tow the vessel to the port in Ashdod.

Freedom Flotilla organisers said that the boat had been “hijacked” and “seized” and that the ship had earlier received a warning from the navy before the interception.

According to the flotilla, the navy had warned it would “take all necessary measures” if the boat, reportedly the Al Awda, did not adjust its course.

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