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Wed, 30/05/2018 – 4:30pm6:00pm


Pacific Media Centre’s postdoctoral research fellow, Dr Sylvia C Frain, explores the connections between climate change and United States (US) militarism in Micronesia and how both impact the daily life of Micronesians living in Hawai‘i. She is most interested in the everyday experience of Micronesians in relation to climate change and US militarisation from local perspectives. So often media narratives are dominated by outside interests and the US military, which overshadows discussion on climate change. Dr Frain seeks to highlight Micronesian narratives and the role that new media plays in sharing these experiences.

Dr Frain is traveling to the North Pacific in April/May and will report back after attending the 7th International Environmental Futures Conference, held at the East-West Center, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, as well as speaking with students and faculty at the University of Hawai‘i, participants with the Jobs Corps programme on Māui, and those living in the Marianas Archipelago on the islands of Guam, Saipan, and Tinian.

Dr Frain will also facilitate a new media workshop open to all community members in the Marianas Archipelago who are interested in using new media platforms to disseminate research. She will assist the participants in converting their research into a format that is shareable across new media platforms (including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Who: Dr Sylvia C Frain, research fellow at the Pacific Media Centre

When: May 30, 2018
4.30pm-6pm Where: Sir Paul Reeves Building
Auckland University of Technology
City Campus
Room WG903A

Contact: Dr Frain

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