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Politics Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – 27 December 2017 – Today’s content Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. [caption id="attachment_297" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.[/caption] Below are the links to the items online. The full text of these items are contained in the PDF file (click to download). Lorde not playing in Israel Dominion Post: Editorial – Lorde’s first steps on new, dangerous stage Herald: Emmy award winner Roseanne Barr slams Lorde as a ‘bigot’ over Israel cancellation and calls for boycott Dani McDonald (Stuff): Israelis’ reactions to Lorde is exactly why she shouldn’t play there Einav Schiff (Y Net News): BDS, unfortunately, is still alive and kicking David Brinn (Jerusalem Post): Lorde’s cancellation: Losing a generation Juliet Moses (Stuff): ‘Lorde has taken a bow to the bullies’ Yuval Ben-Ami (972 Mag): This Israeli urges Lorde: Play Palestine instead Lisa Bonos (Stuff): Lorde cancelled her show in Israel over politics – here’s how other musicians handled it Peter Beaumont (The Guardian): Lorde cancels Israel concert after pro-Palestinian campaign Stuff: Kiwi pop singer Lorde cancels show in Israel after open letter from fans RNZ: Lorde reportedly cancels Israel show after backlash RNZ: Lorde urged to reconsider Israel gig cancellation The Standard: Ain’t Gonna Play Frank Macskasy (Daily Blog): Lorde takes a stand David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Lorde will do Russia but not Israel Steven Cowan (Against the current): Lorde cancel concert, and two young activists feel the backlash Times of Israel:Lorde may cancel Israel concert after backlash from fans Robin Martin (RNZ): Palestinian rights group welcomes Lorde’s caution Eleanor Ainge Roy (The Guardian): Lorde considering cancelling Israel concert after backlash from fans Dane Giraud (The Spinoff): Dear Lorde, here’s why an Israel boycott is the wrong answer Donna Miles-Mojab (Stuff): An open letter to Lorde: Don’t bring your tour to Israel 2017 in review Claire Trevett (Herald): Jacinda nick of time: A remarkable year in New Zealand politics Chris Trotter (Stuff): 2017: Metiria’s speech and Jacinda’s wild ride Brent Edwards (RNZ): 2017: A very long time in politics Finlay Macdonald (RNZ): 2017: MMP comes of age Brigitte Morten (RNZ): Democracy: What is it good for? Nikki Kaye (Herald): What I have learned this year: Nikki Kaye Damian Light (Newsroom): My year as a UnitedFuture supporter Bevan Rapson (North & South): 2017…the year that was. Lamia Imam (RNZ): 2017: Or was it all a bizarre dream Lean Damm (RNZ): 2017: In this year of feminism Herald: New Zealander of the Year: the best of 2017 Stacey Kirk (Stuff): The political fire starters of 2018: What can we expect next year Liam Dann (Herald): Squinting through rose-tinted glasses Scoop: Dotcom, Elections and Google – Most Read Items Scoop 2017 Api Dawson (Newsroom): My year as a NZFirst supporter Te Reo debates Karl du Fresne (Stuff): So-called liberals heap scorn on Don Brash Teuila Fuatai (Newsroom): Māoridom through the eyes of Dame Sian Elias Ian Johnstone (Stuff): Carry on the good work, Kim Dave Witherow (Breaing views): Jabberwocky Ernest Penman (The Spinoff): New Zealand in 2017: At last someone unafraid to speak the truth Mihingarangi Forbes (Herald): How Mihingarangi Forbes found her roots in 1993 Media Stuff: Majority of Press Council rules Duncan Garner column in breach David Farrar (Kiwiblog): As Press Council expands, is it time up for BSA? Scoop Foundation: Earthquake Journalism Grant Investigations Published Other Eugene Bingham and Paula Penfold (Stuff): Calls for Defence Force transparency over Battle of Baghak footage Steve Braunias (Herald): The Great political ping-pong tournament: The rematch with Jacinda Ardern Steve Braunias (Herald): The Secret Diary of Christmas Paul Buchanan (Kiwipolitico): A matter of insubordination and contempt Barbara Brookes (ODT): It’s about respect: some men’s view of women must change David Slack (Stuff): I wouldn’t change a word Newshub: New Zealand ‘Bigot Bingo’ in time for Christmas David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Newshub thinks everyone is a bigot! Jihee Junn (The Spinoff): The rise of conscious (and convenient) consumerism Brennan McDonald: The Glass Ceiling of Inequality Julian Lee (Stuff): Outgoing health boss Chai Chuah spends $26,000 on nine-day course in San Francisco 1News: Watch: ‘Sit still kitty!’ Gareth Morgan delivers Christmas message while holding cat Peter Lyons (Herald): NCEA teaching our kids they don’t need to try too hard Liam Hehir (Stuff): It’s struggling in the West, but Christianity is still growing globally Kiwifirewalker: A spy in the Beehive part II: further dodgyness from Jin Yang Caitlin Moorby (Stuff): $1 billion prison expansion entering final stages of approval Gary Taylor (Herald): Make natives major part of billion-tree plan]]>