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Politics Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – 19 December 2017 – Today’s content Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. [caption id="attachment_297" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.[/caption] Below are the links to the items online. The full text of these items are contained in the PDF file (click to download). 2017 in review Liam Hehir (Stuff): Only one person truly in the hunt for politician of the year Graham Adams (North & South): 2017: A year of hard truths John Armstrong (1News): Politician of the Year John Armstrong (1News): Plonker of the year, heroes and zeroes John Armstrong (1News): On the wane, the comeback kids and the best put down Anna Connell (Newsroom): Some of 2017’s best and worst Kate Newton (RNZ): 2017: Are we there yet? David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Scoring my 2017 predictions 1News: How to make slime, how to vote and fidget spinners – Kiwis’ weird and wonderful Google searches in 2017 Eugene Bingham and Paula Penfold (Stuff): The Demise and Rise of Andrew Little Environment and climate change Richard Harman (Politik): Todd Muller reverses climate change policy Herald: Government starts down pathway to net zero emissions by 2050 Tom O’Connor (Stuff): Climate change cannot be denied Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Government plans to go carbon neutral by 2050 Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Government to consult before drafting ‘Zero Carbon Act’ to reduce emissions Herald: Prime Minister announces formulation of Zero Carbon Act, climate change commission No Right Turn: Climate change: Costs and benefits of ending oil Steven Cowan (Against the current): Jacinda Ardern: Empty posturing on climate change Dominion Post: Editorial: Morgan was right: moggies are a problem Government Tamsyn Parker (Herald): PM non-committal over Winston Peter’s KiwiSaver plan Katie Bradford (1News): Jacinda Ardern ‘pleased’ to attend Waitangi as powhiri moved to keep protesters away from her 1News: Custom clothing featuring Jacinda Ardern’s face helps US artist ‘adjust to Trump’s presidency’ Chris Trotter (Daily Blog): Governing For The “Other Half” Of New Zealand Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Sweet Jesus – I agree with Heather du-Plessis Allan?!? Gwyn Compton (Digital Libertas): Is Clare Curran the first Minister to breach the Cabinet Manual? Drug law reform Nicholas Jones (Herald): Bill to legalise medicinal cannabis introduced this week Damien Grant (Stuff): Making drugs illegal won’t keep your child safe 1News: ‘Enough support in the House to pass’ – Jacinda Ardern confident ahead of Medicinal Cannabis Bill introduction Employment and welfare Lloyd Burr (Newshub): Government promises pay rise to Parliament’s cleaners and cooks RNZ: Parliament’s cleaners to get living wage Stuff: 13-hour clock for women the answer to fixing pay discrimination in New Zealand Stuff: Women under-represented in retail leadership, pushing earnings down Colin Peacock (RNZ): PR push to highlight the glass ceiling Chris Trotter (Stuff): Christian roots of welfare state safety net frayed by free-market economics Sue Allen (Stuff): Hype about tinned tomatoes has raised the debate on giving Parliament and Waka jumping bill Henry Cooke (Stuff): National: Waka jumping bill ‘an affront to democracy’ Herald: National says bill would gag MPs and make them loyal to leader, not voters Nicholas Jones (Herald): National MP given summer homework – by Labour CTV building collapse Rebecca Macfie (Listener): CTV Building: Why no one is being prosecuted under current law for the collapse Newswire: ‘I just instinctively think that it’s wrong’ – Justice Minister looks at introducing corporate manslaughter law RNZ: Corporate manslaughter law possible next year – Little Health Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Government out of money for new hospital and building works – National Newswire: Government short on hospital funding, says National Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Health dollars sunk into stalled IT project Economy and immigration Liam Dann (Herald): Take that, bitcoin, New Zealand’s value blows you out of the water Jamie Gray (Herald): Gap opens between consumer and business confidence Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Facebook to book NZ advertising sales revenues here, not in Ireland Keith Rankin (Daily Blog): Public Equity and Tax-Benefit Reform Rob Stock (Stuff): Kiwi laws fail to keep up with the speed of digital disruption Dene Mackenzie (ODT): Economic risk in reducing immigration Oksana Opara (Briefing papers): Immigration reform spotlight: Fairness, economic development, and the Working Holiday Scheme Education Zizi Sparks (Stuff): Youth advisory group to influence education and minister Tom Hunt (Stuff): Zone-tightening fears as mini population boom bears down on secondary schools Adele Redmond (Stuff): More schools broke the rules in 2016 – auditor-general Media Colin James (ODT): Lifetime’s learning, insights peculiar privilege of journalism Ben Robinson-Drawbridge (RNZ): Manus Island and media manipulation Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): How Steven Joyce killed NZ music & how a new youth radio station could save it Mark Jennings (Newsroom): Word Holocaust ‘dangerous and derogatory’: Google Other Simon Chapple (Herald): China is seeking an insidious influence in New Zealand Henry Cooke (Stuff): Opportunities Party board ‘did not allow any internal criticism’ David Hay: Why I’m sticking with TOP Newswire: Conservative Party to be re-named Alice Snedden (Stuff): Weinstein affair is a modern Christmas miracle Alice Snedden (Stuff): Don Brash and Bill Gallagher – keeping racism in the public eye Pete George (Your NZ): A new era of post baby boomer politics No Right Turn: Little on the SIS David Farrar (Kiwiblog): A letter from a reader Victoria University of Wellington (Newsroom): Meet the world’s first virtual politician Laura Walters (Stuff): Australia backs down on plans to charge Kiwi students higher fees Enzo Giordani (The Standard): Tory Translation Service]]>