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Fiji President Jioji Konrote … target of an “obscenity”. Image: Fiji govt

By Talebula Kate in Suva

A United States national has been deported after swearing at the President of Fiji, Jioji Konrote, last week, it was reported today.

Director of Immigration Nemani Vuniwaqa confirmed this in a government statement saying Karen Seaton, a citizen of the United States, was deported from Fiji after she breached the terms of her residency permit by yelling an obscenity at the President on November 30, 2016.

“This unprovoked use of the ‘f word’ directed towards Fiji’s Head of State cannot be tolerated and Karen Seaton was subsequently detained and escorted onto a plane bound for the US,” Vuniwaqa said.

“Karen Seaton’s appearance before a parliamentary committee had no bearing whatsoever on the circumstances of her deportation,” he said.

Talebula Kate is a Fiji Times reporter.