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Today’s edition of NewsRoom_Digest features 5 resourceful link of the day and the politics pulse from Wednesday 17th February. It is best viewed on a desktop screen.


Noteworthy stories in the current news cycle include the Salvation Army releasing its State of the Nation report; Child, Youth and Family (CYF) rejecting claims it is massaging child abuse statistics to make it appear the number of cases is dropping; and Corrections Minister Judith Collins saying more prisoners could be double-bunked or put in container cells to cope with the forecast rise in prisoner numbers.


Media releases issued from Parliament by political parties today


Government: Mandarin language assistants welcomed; New Crown company incorporated; TPP will not affect the cost of medicines; Wide ranging Tax Bill passes 3rd reading;Prime Minister to visit Sri Lanka;Sexual violence victims benefiting from Offender Levy; Support continues after latest shake; $4.75m for international science partnerships

ACT Party: Seymour apologises for understating housing costs

Greens: Government must rewrite rental housing bill to save lives; Salvation Army Report Shows Govt Targets Are Designed To Make Ministers Look Good; Prison muster blowout reveals Government failure; Dirty politics is back

Labour: Why is CYFs investigating less child abuse?; Secret Cabinet paper scathing of emergency housing; KiwiRail security fail – tickets available for free; Govt should hang head in shame over report; Goodwill from teacher aides being exploited; Housing crisis makes life a misery for many Aucklanders;Student debt killing hopes of home ownership; Commissioner fears for children in residences

New Zealand First: Global Dairy Prices Stem From Bad Trade Agreements; Gangs Exploiting Thin Blue Line


2015 DELIVERS MORE BIRTHS: In 2015, 61,038 live births were registered in New Zealand, up 3,796 (7 percent) from 2014, according to Statistics New Zealand. Click here for more:

ABRIDGED PERIOD LIFE: New Zealand abridged period life tables for the total New Zealand male and female populations indicate the trends in life expectancy between the construction of New Zealand complete period life tables was released today by Statistics New Zealand. Read more:

INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE PARTNERSHIP: $4.75 million will be invested through the Government’s new Catalyst Fund in 18 global strategic partnerships to support high-quality research in areas that will deliver a range of benefits to New Zealand. The full list of Global Research Partnerships is available at:

STATE OF THE NATION: The Salvation Army launched its State of the Nation report today. Entitled ‘Moving Targets’— it examines a range of indicators to highlight good and bad aspects of the nation’s social and economic conditions.The full report is available at:

VACANCIES RISE IN JANUARY: The number of job vacancies grew by 1.5 per cent in January, with an 8.7 per cent increase over the year, according to the latest Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Jobs Online report. Click here for the report:

And that’s our sampling of “news you can use” for Wednesday 17th February .

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