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Across the Ditch: Australia radio’s Peter Godfrey and’s Selwyn Manning deliver this week’s Across the Ditch. This week Peter and Selwyn discuss: TPPA Signing on Feb 4: New Zealand Government will host the Trans Pacific Partnership nations in Auckland on February 4 for the signing of the TPP Agreement. This despite New Zealand getting little out of it (It failed to negotiate a satisfactory milk powder export deal, and failed in that the people and corporates of TPPA nations will be able to buy up NZ land, buildings and homes beneath a $200 million cap. Consequently, the majority of Kiwis do not want the deal to go ahead). Auckland Public Transport: Trams and an announcement Wednesday (today) that the Government will fund in part the Auckland CBD city rail link – which is a bit of a breakthrough after a few years of stalemate. Australia Cricket Tour of NZ: And Australia is about to kick off its Cricket tour of New Zealand with its first one day international match against New Zealand’s Blackcaps at Auckland’s Eden Park on February 3.

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