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Newsroom Digest

Today’s edition of NewsRoom_Digest features 3 resourceful links of the day and the politics pulse from Thursday 22nd January. It is best viewed on a desktop screen.


Noteworthy stories in the current news cycle include the Minister for Women saying there has only been slow progress in recent times in reducing the pay gap between men and women, new research on the Trans-Pacific Partnership arguing that the benefits do not outweigh the costs, and Housing New Zealand saying there are no state houses available in Ashburton or Oamaru.


Media releases issued from Parliament by political parties today 


Government: Medical Cannabis in New Zealand; More than 100,000 SmartGate users in one week; Number on social housing register continues to decline; Record numbers of people switching electricity retailers

Greens: Gender pay gap no accident and needs a Government response; NZers need full information about TPPA costs and trade-offs

Labour: Spiralling student debt deterring further education; Employment case makes case for clarification around work definitions; Lives lost as funding indecision continues; From one waiting list to another

New Zealand First: Lawsuit Against Us Worrying For NZ As TPPA Signing Approaches; Wake Up, There’s A Thirst For Free TV Sports; No Sense In Pork Imports; Government needs to do more than mind the pay gap


MEDICAL CANNABIS: In light of recent and increasing commentary on the use, access to and funding of cannabis based medical products, attached is a fact sheet on the definition, current availability, status and authorisation process around the use of these products for therapeutic purposes. Further information can be found on the Ministry of health’s website at:

SOCIAL HOUSING: The December 2015 Social Housing Register shows that better understanding applicant’s particular needs is housing more vulnerable people, Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says. The December 2015 register can be found here: –

TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP: New research on the Trans-Pacific Partnership argues the benefits do not outweigh the costs. Click here for the report:

And that’s our sampling of “news you can use” for Wednesday 22nd January.

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