NewsRoom Digest: Top NZ News Items for December 04 Edition, 2015

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This edition of NewsRoom_Digest features 6 resourceful links of the day and the politics pulse from Friday 4th December. It is best viewed on a desktop screen.


Noteworthy stories in the current news cycle include new statistics by the Health Quality & Safety Commission showing 277 patients suffered serious harm, including broken bones from falls, in hospitals in a year and the first study by the University of Auckland comparing the sky-rocketing price of cancer drugs shows that costs vary wildly from country to country.


Media releases issued from Parliament by political parties today included:

Government: Benefits to rise after Child Hardship Bill passes; Resource Management changes pass first reading; Give a hand to your community this holiday; Attitude Award winners an inspiration; Healthier Lives Challenge tackles major diseases; Alignment of NZ and Australian qualifications frameworks; West Coast community congratulated for achieving Lake Brunner water quality target; Cambridge hosts track cycling world cup event

Greens: National Government wins another fossil; Waihi community shouldn’t be undermined by goldmining; Super Fund and ACC should Divest for Paris

Labour: Nick Smith misleads Parliament over pool laws; Committee rejects families’ plea for hearing; Top heritage building not safe yet

Māori Party: Māori Party Welcomes Debate On Public Works Bill; Māori Party supports Safe Sleep Day

New Zealand First: Another Flip Flop By A National Minister – Smith Bows To ‘Brownmail’; New Health And Safety Laws Could Cost Workers Their Homes


Links of the day have been a feature of NewsRoom_Digest since we first started production in August 2014.

CANCER DRUG PRICES: The first study comparing the sky-rocketing price of cancer drugs shows that costs vary wildly from country to country.The study was published published recently in The Lancet Oncology and is available at:

INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAY: Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) celebrates New Zealand’s volunteers and volunteering in general on International Volunteer Day (IVD) on 5th December. Read more:

HEALTH REPORT: Each year, health care adverse events are reported to the Health Quality & Safety Commission by district health boards (DHBs) and other health care providers. Click here for the report:

HEALTHIER LIVES CHALLENGE: The Healthier Lives National Science Challenge, which aims to reduce the financial burden of major health problems, with funding of up to $31.3 million over 10 years was launched today. For more information about the National Science Challenges, visit

HUTT CITY YOUTH AWARDS: Athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs were among the winners celebrated at the inaugural Hutt City Youth Awards ceremony held in Lower Hutt last night. For a full list of nominees, winners and prizes go to:

QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORK: Enhancing mobility – Referencing of the Australian and New Zealand Qualifications Framework was released today by the Governments of New Zealand and Australia. A report which aligns the levels of the qualifications frameworks of New Zealand and Australia. A copy of the report is available here:

And that’s our sampling of “news you can use” for Friday 4th December.

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