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New Zealand Report: Selwyn Manning joins Australia’s radio breakfast team to deliver New Zealand Report: This week – The New Zealand Government intends to toughen up on encrypted communications + The Elusive Taylor Swift – Recorded Live on 25/11/15.

New Zealand’s National-led Government looks set to further tighten the country’s security intelligence laws in the aftermath of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris. Yesterday (Tuesday) the Prime Minister John Key said there were 40 New Zealanders currently on a special anti-terrorism target list and at least two individuals are currently under 24 hour surveillance by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). Key said all 40 individuals on the watch-list are on the “periphery of Islamic State”. He told Radio New Zealand: “One or two of them are quite threatening individuals but I hasten to say people should take some confidence from the fact that they’re under 24-hour surveillance so their capacity to do a lot is limited.” Immediately after the Paris terror attacks John Key and the SIS and GCSB Minister, Chris Finlayson both indicated a concern that new encryption communications software made it possible for terrorists and criminals to communicate and plan strikes within the dark web. Finlayson hinted that the Government is looking to make it unlawful for people in New Zealand to use encryption without ensuring the Government’s spooks have a means of deciphering the communications. Currently, all ISPs in New Zealand must provide the Government’s spooks with de-encryption keys to any private or protected communication platforms. But there is no law preventing individuals from using high-encryption software like Tor and Tails. QUIRKY NEWS: On a lighter note, the biggest mystery in New Zealand this week is: Taylor Swift, where the bloody hell are ya? Media and fans have been out trying to hunt down the American superstar after rumours began circulating that she was spotted at an Auckland west coast ocean beach, and also that she is here filming a new music video. The news of the century was confirmed by a local soap opera actor who bumped into Swift when exiting the toilet on a flight from LA to Auckland. Ido Dent told Television New Zealand: “Yeah, had a good chat to her on the plane outside the lavatory. She’s definitely here.”

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