Recommended Sponsor - Buy Original Artwork Directly from the Artist NewsRoom_Plus received an update this week on “new appointments to senior positions here at the Office of the Auditor-General”. We did think about headlining it ‘Who You Gonna Trust?’, as a nod to the importance of the Office in keeping all those within its purview, straight and accountable. It’s a tough job, and we need to trust the people doing it. As admirers of transparency in the public sector here are the new appointees, as supplied. The acknowledgements to the people they have replaced are also reproduced below. Unusual permission to feel warm and fuzzy is granted. Deputy Controller and Auditor-General Greg SchollumGreg Schollum began his five-year term as Deputy Controller and Auditor-General of New Zealand on 28 September. The Deputy Controller and Auditor-General is appointed under the Public Audit Act 2001 in the same way as the Controller andAuditor-General, and is also an Officer of Parliament. The Deputy has the same responsibilities under the Act as the Auditor-General, but carries them out subject to the Auditor-General’s control. Greg joined the Office of the Auditor-General in September 2004 as the Assistant Auditor-General, Accounting and Auditing Policy. For more information about Greg, please view his profile on the OAG website. Assistant Auditor-General, Local Government Andrea ReevesAndrea Reeves was appointed Assistant Auditor-General, Local Government in September. Andrea started with Audit New Zealand’s Christchurch office in 2000 as a new graduate. She also worked in the Dunedin and Wellington offices before joining the Office of the Auditor-General in 2009 as a Sector Manager. Andrea and her team are committed to maintaining the Office’s engagement with local government on key matters of interest to us all. For more information about Andrea, please view her profile on the OAG website. Assistant Auditor-General, Legal Melanie WebbMelanie Webb joined the Office as Assistant Auditor-General, Legal in October. Melanie was the Chief Legal Advisor at the Department of Internal Affairs and spent 12 years working for the Ministry of Justice. She heads the Office’s Legal Group, which provides legal advice and support across all aspects of the work of the Office of the Auditor-General and Audit New Zealand. The Legal Group has particular responsibility for managing the conduct of inquiries carried out by the Auditor-General, and also administers the Local Government (Members’ Interests) Act 1968. For more information about Melanie, please view her profile on the OAG website.

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OAG reports After 34 years with the Office, Bruce Robertson (Assistant Auditor-General, Local Government) decided that it was time to take his career in another direction. Both the Office and the local government sector have valued Bruce’s contribution, and he leaves us all with a sound foundation to address the future challenges facing the sector. Phillippa Smith served two terms as Deputy Controller and Auditor-General and her vast contribution to improving the performance of, and the public’s trust in, the public sector is greatly appreciated. Nicola White was Assistant Auditor-General, Legal, for eight years. She was a valued leader in our Office and we are grateful for the significant contribution she has given the Office and the public sector. She is now living overseas. –]]>



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