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Radio-Live Sunday PanelDo have a listen to the Sunday Panel on Radio Live (here’s the link to the player, or click on the image). On Radio Live’s Sunday Morning Panel Mark Sainsbury Rodney Hide & Selwyn Manning get stuck into the big issues and explore solutions:

  • The kicking machine puts the boot in to Labour’s rising star Jacinda Ardern.
  • Is former Australia PM Kevin Rudd positioning to take on Helen Clark for the UN secretary general position? Does he have the credentials?
  • A Warrant of Fitness for State Houses surely must be a part solution to the mouldy, drafty, toxic homes that are making far too many children sick in this country.
  • We debate the public/private running of this country’s prisons. What are the solutions to the country’s massive challenge over private running of prisons in New Zealand. Surely the Serco experience shows this private model does not work. 
  • CYFs, should the state have a part in running this vital social service? Has the state done a good job in the past? Should we have a system that equips those with the skills to advocate a regional solution to a regional problem?

Let the debate continue.




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