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Pacific Media Centre

ISBN/code: ISSN 1175-0472

Publication date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Publisher: Pacific Media Centre

A TWO-MONTH Eyes of Fire student educational campaign with a microsite on the Rainbow Warrior experience climaxed recently with a new edition of the book and the author calling for justice for the Pacific victims of nuclear testing.

The publication of David Robie’s Eyes of Fire coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Rainbow Warrior bombing by French spies on July 10, 1985, at Marsden Wharf in Auckland Harbour.

First published in early 1986, the book tells of Greenpeace’s campaign with the Rainbow Warrior against nuclear testing in the South Pacific, the penultimate mission to Rongelap, its subsequent bombing and the political fallout that followed.

“This book refocuses the anniversary around the Rongelap mission and action now to confront climate change, which casts an even greater spectre over the planet than the Cold War nuclear threat,” said Professor Robie, director of the Pacific Media Centre at AUT University.

“It tells of the activism, and the humanitarian aspects, not just a spy drama being rehashed.”

Microsite: eyes-of-fire.littleisland.co.nz

Eyes of Fire is available at the AUT University online shop.

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